Wal-Mart is sued by Fendi for selling fakes at Sam's Club

  1. Wow, it makes me wonder if the bags at Costco are really real :oh:
  2. One more reason why I choose not to shop at Walmart...
  3. I was thinking the same thing ... I wonder if Costco has pulled them out yet.
  4. I didn't know Wal-Mart was selling fakes...maybe because I don't shop much there? They should've known better!
  5. I am glad I never bought a Costco bag!!
    Shame on Walmart for doing that. I mean normally I wouldn't expect them to sell fake products or high end designer products. They are good for rubber maid tubs, vacuum cleaners, etc. I wouldn't expect them to sell Fendi. Why should they? Someone made a really bad business decision.
  6. i know ppl who have gotten designer bags from costco.. they r real.... but then again, i only know 3 ppl who bought from them.. gosh, i hope they r not fake..
  7. In my opinion...Costco and Walmart are in separate arenas. Costco is very customer service and community oriented. Whereas Walmart is always involved in some sort of shady doings (employee benefits and work practices, pricing ect). I have bought a few things and have seen alot of the Costco bags in person and nothing has struck me as off at all. But it just goes to show you need to be educated when you buy!
  8. That is awesome! I am so glad they got sued!!

    Costco is many steps up from Walmart, but both stores are not authorized retailers, so who knows what you get....
  9. :shocked: I just bought one prada wallet from costco. It was cheap. $49+tax+shipping, around $60... :sad:
  10. Uh-oh......
  11. Wow - That is horrifying! I can't imagine if I had paid some serious dough for the spy or some other bags they have there only to have them be FAKES! I feel awful for the people who bought those!!!
  12. I've bought quite a few bags from costco.com now and each one is authentic -- absolutely no question about them.

    Didn't Sams have this same issue awhile back? Like maybe no more than 2 years ago?

    I've never cared for Sams anyway and quit buying a membership 2-3 years ago. If I'm going to one (nearest one is 2.5 hours), I call and get a 1-day pass and use that for anything I might buy which is usually nothing.
  13. Costco has always had higher end things. I have family friends who've bought their watches, jewelry, and other higher-priced things at Costco, and they've never had a problem with them so I wouldn't worry about them.:amuse: