Waking up with puffy eyes

  1. Is this happening to anyone else due to allergies? Grrrr! I'm holding ice-cubes to my eyes every morning! Is there a heavy-duty depuffing eye gel, or allergy eye-drops you might recommend? I think I'm rubbing them at night which makes them puffy in the morning. I look like one of those goldfish with their eyes ballooned outward!
  2. don't put ice, put a spoon in the freezer for a couple of minutes and then use that. as in product i use the benefit eye cream and it makes it all better.
  3. i hear you intlset. my allergies get worse at night and i wake up with fish eyes too!
  4. Ditto - the ice cubes actually dry your eyelids/eye area out more, making them more prone to itchiness, hence making the cycle worse.

    All hail the frozen spoon!!!!
  5. i have allergy eye drops, just generic wallgreens ones, but don't use them too often, they are a drug after all. try sleeping with an extra pillow, it helps.
  6. I have prescription eye drops and I use Allegra 12 hour before bed...it helps soooooo much (sometimes mine actually get swollen shut from allergies)
  7. yeah the spoon thing is the only thing that works for me. eye creams and gels just make it worse or cause it in the first place.
  8. Intl set,

    check your bedding and pillows. If it gets so much worse at night, your bedding may be the culprit (are you allergic to dust mites?) I had a normal mattress and down pillows and my asthma got worse at night. Now I switched to a latex mattress and wool pillows (that are dust mite resistant) and for the past six months, I've had no problems. It's like night and day, really.
  9. This has been the worse allergy season for my family!! My poor son's (6 years old) eyes are swollen shut when he wakes up in the morning. He had his final music program last night and he looked like he had two black eyes. We have been using prescription eye drops (Zaditor) as well and they clear things up pretty fast. His doctor said that things should ease up by the middle of June. I hope so!!!

    Sorry you are suffering, too, Intlset. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. I have been having the same problem lately...:cry:

    Then I went to get a air purifier...it helped a lot! you can research on that....(in need to return the one that I got cuz I just read some reports on it regarding it's pollution level, but I definitely need to look for another one)

    I also have prescription eye drops, the problem with them is that it only last about 4 hours...so I'll wake up in the middle of the night rubbing my eyes. My doctor recommended that a antihistimine before I go to bed...and that helped a little...at least now I don't go to work looking like I got punched in the eye. :amuse:
  11. Preparation H for puffy eyes - reduces swelling - I know it sounds crazy, but I'm SERIOUS!
  12. Dr. Hauschka has these little ampulls with a herbal liquid in which you put on a cotton pad and then for 10 minutes on your eyes and the swelling magically dissappears. I'm pretty sure you'll get them in your farmacy if you order them otherwise the Shiseido skincare eye gel is really good too.
  13. Thanks, ladies!
  14. It does indeed - however, because is constricts the blood vessels (causing the swelling to go down) it should not be used on a regular basis or it can cause serious and permanant damage to your eyes!

    I save this trick for important days!!