Wake me with some H senses, PLEASE!

  1. Gucci is being a little devil luring me into bring home this exotic (furry) brown-white combo hobo style bag. The name of the bag is called the Signoria (I think its a classic Gucci but in a exotic skin)...I managed to walk away but a dear SA calls me to inform me ITS GOING ON SALE...and now being a purse-addict & loving good values...I feel a real temptation to bring it home...


    I know I shouldn't because its not H and I am a full supporter for H & other bags will not feel the same in the end...RIGHT GIRLS? Please give me your opinions...THANK-you dearly. :heart:
  2. I vote for H! But, that's just me. :love: Gucci bags just don't do it for me.... Good luck with your decision!!
  3. Yorelica - I know how you feel! It's so tempting to buy something you covet when it's going on sale. Ask yourself this: For how long will you enjoy it (I mean feel the same way as you did when you first purchased it)? If in the past your love of a previously coveted item has waned and you've ended up selling it/giving it away, it's a good chance the same will happen with this one. How many Birkins/Kellys/Bolides is it worth?;)
  4. if you did not lust after it so much that you bought it back then at full price why buy it now just because it is reduced? tells me it was just a one night affair but that is fine darling H forgives and forgets you just have to pop in and see what he has on offer for you and you will turn to dust in shame for even thinking of Gu..who?
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:^^ Well put!!!!
  6. do you love it? honestly who cares what brand it is if you love it?! you can love H and still own other brands. why couldn't you? i just got a FABULOUS chanel bag that I am deeply in love with. it's not H, so what? sorry i just don't understand the H only mentality. I totally understand loving one brand but denying the possibilty of liking something else? why?
  7. thanks for your responses girls!!! :heart:

    Wingnut:Thank-you for understanding!!! I think your right...it will happen again (selling it or it will collect dust hehe) :tup: plus the box won't be orange...(won't match the rest of the bags) aaaahhhh...

    Lilach you are right girl thank-you thank-you....if I didn't get it at full price, I should leave it there ALWAYS!!!
    Thank-you dearest H for your forgiveness ...hehe :p *shame*:shame:

    Hlfinn: oh you are so lucky to find love in another brands...I've never been that person. I'm very one-hearted...hehe...I like it lots but its not shes just not the 'long term commitment' type....:p
  8. really? you really can ONLY love hermes?
  9. I'm basically a monogamous woman but did have a wild fling with Chanel a little while ago that I don't regret......came home with a grey re-issue that I still openly adore. LOL!!!!
  10. You know, sometimes these short little flings help us appreciate our true love even more....so it's not necessarily harmful to venture out a bit:angel:, as long as it doesn't leave you with any lingering "issues":push:

    Oh get your minds out of the gutter...I mean credit card debt....or a bag you can't sell...really!
  11. Heather, well...apparently I've always been like this (when I was into Chanel; all the other bags I bought were soon to be sold or forgotten); and now since I've moved on...I think I know my pattern...but ITS SO HARD TO RESIST...FUR & SALE...BUT I SHOULD AND I MUST...hehehe...by the way...which Chanel did cha get????

    S'mom: Yah well my reissue is well loved too..its so practical & its really a real classic. But would you buy ANOTHER ONE???
  12. I am with hlfinn. These designer brands exist for us to throw money at; we shouldnt be subservient to them and have to call them "master" and be faithful only to them.
  13. Well you should just buy what you like. You want to be loyal to H, but is H loyal to you? It's not like you are their only customer. Just buy what you like, use it, enjoy it.
  14. ah so you focus on one brand at a time, not one for ever, right? sorry not trying to come down on you. just trying to wrap my head around it. i think i might not be suited for this forum anymore...
  15. I'm laughing over here at the responses. I have to say I have a cheating heart and agree with hlfinn and seton. I love my H bags...but I love my Chanel bags too! ...For me, variety is the spice of life and some other brands fulfill needs for me that darling Hermes just can't...Hee! hee! I am such a complex, hard to please woman!