Waitress gets $50,000 from cranky Texan!

  1. Just another reason to smile and be nice to everyone.... :yes:

    BROWNSVILLE, Texas - For nearly seven years Melina Salazar did her best to put on a smile and tend to the every need of her most loyal and cantankerous customer.

    She made sure his food was as hot as he wanted, even if it meant he burned his mouth. And she smiled through his demands and curses. The 89-year-old Walter "Buck" Swords obviously appreciated it, leaving the waitress $50,000 and a 2000 Buick when he died.

  2. Awww. I have such a soft spot for elderly, even the cranky old farts lol.
  3. Wow what a great story.
  4. Wow! That's why you should always be nice to old people. You never know what they're going to do.
  5. well that was cool of him,,
  6. That was very sweet of him to do.
  7. She touched him and his life. I love to hear these stories!
  8. wow that is amazing, what a great thing to happen
  9. Welll... I'm old, disabled and cranky... be nice! You never know what I have hidden under my mattress! HA!

    I saw this on the news... she deserves every penny. She was probably his only high point of the day.
  10. Oh Peedy, we don't know what you have under your mattress, but we do know you pilled oup on your keybord.:nuts:

    But let me be the first to say, you look particularly lovely today.:heart::nuts:
  11. Oh, MY! Now it's carried into other threads! I'll NEVER live this down!! :p

    Hey, what's this under the battery pack... a noodle? Hmmm...:upsidedown:
  12. This was a neat story. Makes one smile.
  13. He seems like the kind of hardened-heart person that pushed people's buttons just because he could. I think it's cute he left her all that money and his old car. I work in the food service industry and the most tip I ever got from one person was $60. LOL. I would loooove to get dropped a $50k tip one day.
  14. Oh, I love these stories......

    Ya well if he was a cranky old fart, he wasn't foolin her right...lol...cute. People that have patience with elders that are, shall we say, a little less patient does my heart good.:girlsigh:
  15. Aww! Cute story. This makes me think of the movie Waitress.