1. Hi, ive never been on a waitlist before but Im going to go to my store on tuesday and put myself down for the LV cup bag. Im just wondering the following questions. I have searched the LV forum but there are no threads with any info about this.

    1. how many items can I wait list for ?

    2. I dont have a CC so will i still be able to waitlist

    3. If there is not a waitlist open allready for the item I want...will they open one or will I have to wait until they open one ?

    4. anything else to add

    Thanks in advance :smile: :nuts:
  2. i also have been wondering about this..:confused1:
  3. Another question I have to ask about wait lists is that, If you do put your name down are you under obligation to buy the item?
    Thanks in advance!
  4. Me too!
  5. are we both wait listing in manchester LOL ! good to see you on here Rose ! :nuts: ;)
  6. Hey Steve, I know i've been totally MIA for a couple of weeks, but i'm back now :yahoo: lol! I'll probably be waitlisting in Manchester yeah, I totally need to get down there for some serious shopping! I think maybe I might just waitlist at the meet up If I can't get down there any sooner.
    I'll catch up with you on MSN soon, yeah?
  7. You don't have to have a cc to be on the wait list.

    Honestly if you are serious about buying several items. They will put you down on more than 1 item.

    My SA started a wait list when I wanted something really bad. Later on it was compiled with the rest of the SAs client request and added to the master list.

    No obligation, but if the same SAs are still employed at your boutique they may remember you if you have future request. They will not be obligated to consider you a vic next time. :shrugs:

    JMHO... These are my thoughts only. Other PFers are probably more up to date on this information. :flowers:
  8. thanks :flowers: Rose - yeah I will be waitlisting at manchester as well. Im gunna try and get there A.S.A.P. I cant wait for the new bags. We sure will speak on msn soon and I cant wait for the meet up.
  9. Great, are you after the LV CUP? Let me know how it goes if you manage to waitlist there in the next few days! I know i'm totally excited for the meet up, should be a really good day!
  10. Good luck, Steve! Just when some PFers were going to swear off or go on the ban. This is going to be a roller coaster '07 new year!
  11. yeah im after the $600 bag...the other bags are too much because it wwould take me some time to save up £300 never mind £500 LOL, i think its a messenger bag and Im gunna ask my SA. It looks really nice, I love the art deco look. I will let you know how it goes, my SA is really nice...I saw him the other week and hes such a lovely guy. Im excited about the meet up too...I cant wait !.
  12. LOL thanks :flowers: I was thinking the same thing, soooooo many hot bags for 07....what on earth will the participents of the banned thread do :nuts:
  13. Fabulous, the bag sound gorgeous! I hope it goes well!
    Yeah I know i'm terrible at saving, the bag i'm after is £1,536! :cursing: lol! So we shall see how my funds are with due course, lol! But it is just too beautiful to miss out on!
  14. LOL thats alot of money but if its something you want then I would get it. Im exactly the same. I went to manchester on wednesday to get a groom round cles and I ended up buying a new school bag from Ted Baker with my cles money :cursing: then I went into LV and saw the Groom cles and I was like :crybaby: OMG I wish I would of got that. And the Adidas sale :wtf: I got a laptop bag half price so thats the groom money gone. I dunno what to do now :sad: Im impossible at saving.

  15. I know, I guess I'll just have to start saving up BIG TIME lol! Thats exactly why i've avoided the xmas sales this year, because I knew I'd end up blowing my money on more clothes that I don't need, probably wouldn't even wear and would just hang in my closet for like ever! lol! But its definitly the most beautiful bag i've seen in a long time, and IMO totally worth it, just try telling my dad that lol!