Waitlists for Fall '07 at BalNY - are they set in stone?

  1. I understand that people are putting themselves on lists for the Fall/Winter '07 collections at BalNY. If Bal NY waitlists you for something, does that definitely mean they will be getting it in their store (i.e., have the buying decisions all been made already)?

    I could have sworn there was a story of someone being waitlisted for a Blue India Part Time, and then getting a call from BalNY that they would not be receiving the Blue India Part Time at all. Am I mis-remembering?

    I've seen people post that they are on lists for things like:

    Violet Part Time Silver GH
    Violet Matelasse
    Violet Work RH
    Violet Makeup
    Jaune Twiggy RH
    Jaune First RH
    Jaune City RH
    Jaune Day RH
    Jaune Day GH

    So ... can it be safe to assume all of the above will be bought by BalNY, or is the waitlisting process also a way for them to determine demand and then make buying decisions?
  2. Fiatflux, being on a waitlist does not gurantee that the the item will actually be available through BalNY. I'm not sure whether they use list to determine their ordering process, but I would be interested to hear from others. I recall stories from this recent season of people on a pre-order list where the item never came in.
  3. I'd be interested to know what the process is, too. You'd think it would make sense for BalNY to use the waitlists as a tool to decide what to order. If they already knew how many of each kind of bag they were getting (say, for example, 5 Jaune Firsts), I would hope that BalNY would be kind enough to tell the person who called to be 6th on the waitlist for the Jaune First that they were only getting 5 in so that they could start to look elsewhere.
  4. The impression I got when I called is that they already know how many they will get in each color/style. As far as I heard, 4 violet day RH, 6 violet twiggy RH and 6 yellow twiggy RH.
  5. Wowo0205..wow. Those seem like really small numbers!!! Maybe they order small amts and then if a waitlist gets longer they increase their order?
  6. Those numbers seem awfully small to me as well - I can't imagine why they would think less than 10 of each bag (in what are going to be the two most popular colors) would get them through until S/S 08 comes out.
  7. Those really ARE small number! PFers alone would buy those up...and they need some in the store for the general public.
  8. I was very surprised when I heard that, but those are the numbers I heard indeed. Anybody mind call them and double check?
  9. i think BalNY will put you down for anything, regardless if they know they are getting them or not. i was on the list for an anthracite DAY that never materialized at BalNY.

    i think that they don't know what they're getting, it's just a crap shoot. they just get "stuff" according to daphne.
  10. When I pre-ordered my yellow Day in RH, I asked specifically if they were getting these in, and I was told that BalNY would be getting them. I wish I asked how many they would be getting in and how far down the list I was....
  11. I noticed at most places, they say they get stuff in all the time. I don't think they get one amount of something and then it is done forever. I think they might get a few bags and then a few more...