Waitlisting Question

  1. Ok I am really really new to Chanel and you may have seen my other post about my first positive experience with waitlisting for the denim coco cabas and the naked flap. I want one of the resin bracelets...do I need to waitlist for that too?
  2. i would waitlist for anything you are interested in. it doesn't hurt to have your name on that list in case it becomes a popular/sold-out item!
  3. Thank you..I called and waitlisted for it but when I heard the price...I highly doubt I will be getting it. $340 for a resin bracelet is too much. I thought it would be under $200 like the cuff.
  4. $340 for a plastic bangle?! Any plastic resin jewelry >$10 is absolutely ridiculous!! They are so freaking overpriced!! Chanel is just following LV's strategy to gain some marketshare.