Waitlisting question for LE bags

  1. I would like to know from people who have already been waitlisted before for limited editions bags if after being waitlisted they actually got it, or the clients who buy often from LV are offered first then regular customers.
    Am asking cos i have tried to waitlist for the mirage speed from last week but they kept saying they had no information on the computer so i had to wait till early august.
    Today i was finally able to waitlist for it but am not yet excited i guess till i get the phone call i can go collect my bag.
    Another thing i dont have an SA i just buy from whoever person i get.
    Please share your experiencses
  2. I've always gotten my stuff and I am not a VIC (yet HEEHEE)!
    That said....as it gets closer to the release date you should stay on top of it and contact the store and confirm that you are on the list still. Make sure they don't need your CC number. Then about 2-3 days before the release you should be hearing from them regarding shipping/when you can pick it up.
    When I initially waitlisted for stuff (prior to having a SA) I really had to stay on top of things!
  3. Thank you twiggers.
  4. Any time I have ever waitlisted for anything LE, I was always guauranteed it, I remember I waited for the Miroir keepall but since it was so exclusive they offered it to me behind closed doors, didnt even bring it out front for others to see, maybe because I am a loyal customer to them? But since I waitlisted for my millionaires, they said that they are SO rare that it would be best to put a deposit down to guaurantee getting it, not that I was worried, so I did and I guess they are coming in this weekend?, maybe you can put a deposit down on what you want and you will for sure get it!
  5. No problem!!! Glad to help!
  6. Next time i go there will leave a deposit and see if they accept.I guess you have always gotten what you have waitlisted because you are a loyal customer.Thanks matt
  7. Yea...deposit is a really good way to ensure they won't forget you.....but it's not always necessary!!!
  8. seriously, I never put my name down on the waitlist. Now days LV makes tons of the same product. Case and point you can still but a perfo cles on eluxury right now, you can even buy the groom items. Speedys sell quick but if you go to the store the week of release you will get the item. Or call the 866 number. I got my hands on a cerises speedy by just calling the 866 number. LE does not mean they only made like 100, it means they made like 1000 or even more for each item. Hope this helps.
  9. Try it again, I successed visit it :smile:
  10. It helps if you have a regular SA. You can WL for an item that they have "in the system" so I'm told. I find it strange that they did not have the mirage in the computer yet, as I was WL for this item in early June, and to ensure a guarantee, you should give them your CC #. That's how I landed a miroir lockit, I have a good relationship with my SA and I return his calls, and when one happened to appear at the boutique, I got the call...they will hold it for you if you are serious about the item, and normally serious clients will not hesitate to leave their CC# for it. Good luck !!
  11. Best advice - get freindly with a SA and build a good relationship with them.