waitlisting...is it a lie?

  1. When I purchased my iphone case in November I asked to be put on the wait list for the Gold Heart. When The SA Put me on the list he said I was the first to start the waitlist. I was excited thinking I would def. be able to purchase the gold heart. So I start calling the week prior to receive an update on the hearts. I never had a chance to speak to my SA but felt I was getting the brush off. Finally the day before(Thursday) I called and asked about the status of the hearts. The SA who answed said they were only getting a few in. I responded happily, I am the first on the list. The SA snapped at me saying they do not reveal the list numbers so I would not know that information. I said well I know because my sa told me I started the list so I did not find out except by the fact that I started the list. I didnt want to get my SA in trouble. I was told to call or arrive at opening. I called first thing in the am on Friday and was told they did not get a gold heart in, all the other colors came in but not gold. I am very bothered by this. Does anyone know if thier store did not receive a certain color in? do you think they promised it on to someone else? I also called about 4 weeks ago to confirm my place(I know..slightly stalkerish) my SA told me they were getting one of each color in. Does anyone also know if they will be shipping more out to the stores?
  2. I was waitlisted for the Silver cosmetic case and my SA told me the same thing "you're first on the list". When I called Fri. he told me none came in. I find it hard to believe as well. Another SA called me Sat. moring saying she had the Gold for me. I asked if Silver ever came in and she didn't know because she was off Fri. I think it came in and he didn't bother to call me...he also said they hadn't received the heart in Pomme which I was also waitlisted for. I'm glad I deal with two SA's there or I would have ended up without anything.
  3. Chloe, I am in the very same position.
    I was first in line for the pomme heart at my LV. I called Friday morning to get the scoop.. I was told the first batch of pomme hearts was already gone, but that I was first on the WL. Well.. wtf? I was first several weeks ago.. then they come in, and they are all sold and I am still first?

    I think the SA's give preferential treatment to the ppl coming in the store.. I live a few hours away from my boutique and I need them to ship to me.. I wonder if that's why I lost out?

    Anyway.. there is no way to know if they are getting anymore in.. so, I may be left out in the cold.

    As for the stock of hearts at the boutiques.. they are telling the truth about the fact they may get multiples of one color and not another. My SA told me the same thing. They have no idea what's coming in until they open the boxes. Hmmm...
  4. I honestly don't believe in waitlist. 1) they take months to call me 2) ithe availability is very much determine by how established is your relationship with your SA. 3) they tend to give priorty to certai customers.

    I would requested for a secure allocation and pre-pay or put a deposit for my interest. But I think this is not practice in US.

    My bf's bro in Chicago offered to pay a deposit for BonBon and was flatly refused. Only waitlist. Upon hearing that, I know I'll have to kiss bye to Bonbon.
  5. There is a list, but I do think that VIP customers can bump other customers down. Since I'm not a VIP, everytime I waitlist I've been told by my SA that they aren't allowed to reveal my number on the list. I just call once in awhile and hope for the best. I try to ask nicely about my position, but I never can get a definate answer...only something like there aren't too many people ahead of you. Luckily my super SA has come through for me everytime so far. It can be nerve racking though.
  6. If your credit card is on file...and your SA knows they can just charge it..usually you are at the top of the list.

    That is how it is done at my store in Chicago.
  7. I thought the same thing, but low and behold, last week I got a call that my grey pm inclusion bracelet was in.

    I have been waiting for it forever and just about gave up, but then my S.A came through for me...and I got a call.
  8. I was told that they're not allowed to keep the cc number on file :push:
    I have been told where I was on the list several times. I can honestly say the one time they did pull through for me was the mirage speedy...thank God!!
  9. Is that so?

    My bf's bro does not carry or use LV. The 2 trips he made to LV are probably his first 2 trips. I can't ask him to leave his credit card details with the store As it is, he has already gone down to store twice on my behalf and I don't wish to inconvenence him further.
  10. dont they keep your number on file the first time you purchase?
  11. Since I typically wait list mainly for the limited edition items, I've always been asked to provide the SA with my credit card information in order to be given priority on the wait list. This means that the store will typically call the people that have already provided their credit card information first versus everyone else. At least that's the store policy at the 3 - 4 four LV stores that I deal with. However, I've also had instances where I was never called for the items even though I was assured from the beginning that I was near the very, very top of the waiting list. I've also been #1 on the wait list and got bumped down the list by someone else who was probably a VIP customer.
  12. I find it hard to believe after the reactions I received from the staff when I called. Also when I called on Friday to ask about the hearts, I was answered with the question "did you receive a phone call from us?" I said how could I have? I was told to call first thing in the morning, It is 10:00 am and the hearts were just released. Now I know why they do not release your number on the waitlist!!! Reading all the threads on everyone getting hearts makes mine broken!:crybaby:

  13. I think so. Whenever I want something..I just tell my SA to use the card on file....and when my items come in that I've waitlisted for...they just charge. Then she calls me and asks if I want them to ship them to me, or if I want to come pick it up.

    I never have to show my card...but I've also given them permission to do this....so it might vary from SA to SA.
  14. I was never told this, I would have gave them my cc in a second. What store do you go to? I am in Chicago also but go to the Macy's Louis Vuitton in Oak Brook.
  15. When I wanted the Neverfull GM but couldn't find it anywhere I called LV short hills and the LV counter at Neiman Marcus there to waitlist at both and NM called me within 24 hours or so to come in and pick it up and I am by no means a VIP. And the neverfull was pretty hard to find at that time so I guess it really just depends. I wish supplies were just less limited so everyone could get what they wanted but LV knows how to make $$ so we just have to deal! :tdown: