1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

    I know this may not be a big deal to some of you, but I just added my name to the waitlist for the Birkin. I'm getting a medium-sized Birkin on black with gold hardware and a matching Hermes wallet!!

    My NM SA said there was about 2yr waiting list, but they were going to move me up to about 1 yr. So I should get it by next yr at the latest!

    I'm so psyched ;)
  2. Congratulations!! May I ask which location did you get waitlisted on? I'm not on any waitlists for Birkins yet
  3. I think there are only 2 NM that sell Hermes bags. The one that is sending me is in Madison something. Maybe like Madison Ave? Sorry if that doesn't help! ;)
  4. Congrats!!! I didn't even know that some NMs had Hermes boutiques!
  5. At least now I have someone waiting with me!
  6. LOL me neither! I just went in yesterday and told him I wanted a Birkin! So my SA called a bunch of people yesterday and today he told me what he found out! He is the greatest SA ;)

    Yay!! Do you know when you get yours? :smile:
  7. congrats!! hope the year passes by fast!!
  8. Congratulatios!! You are very lucky!! I couldn't agree more -- NM has outstanding service!! :amuse:
  9. Congrats and it IS a huge deal!! woohoo!! Great combo that you chose, as well!
  10. Aww thanks!! Me too! I wish I had my Birkin today!

    Oh I totally agree with you! I have never had one complaint about NM!!

    Aww thanks!! I felt sort of stupid that I was so excited about being in a waitlist *blushes*
    It will be my first Hermes :smile:
  11. Congrats! I am on the list with NM as well. Its a slow list but we will all get our birkins one day! (at least I hope so:love:)
  12. OMG me too!!! XD :love:

    It definitely makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one that is waiting!! hehe :cool:
  13. Congratulations! You really never know how fast you will get your Birkin. I put my name on the waitlist for a blue jean Birkin and was told to wait 2 years. But 2 MONTHS later, my SA called to say that a client who SO'd hers didn't want it anymore, so...it became mine!
  14. Wow congrats!! that is a big deal to me! The day that I have the extra money for a Birkin I am going on the list... I will just have to make sure that I save the money!!!
  15. Congratulations!

    It is a big deal to be on the waitlist. Sometimes, in some boutiques, there is even a waitlist to the waitlist. In other boutiques, the waitlist is closed.

    You are one lucky gal!