Waitlist Question

  1. Is it true that you can't be waitlisted for a bag in more than one store?

    I put myself on the waitlist for a Tivoli GM in two Bay Area stores (a couple of weeks apart). The first store called me up last Sunday and said that the Tivoli was in. I picked it up the following day. Yesterday the other LV store called me up and said that it was also in at their store. I called them this morning informing them that I had already purchased one last Monday. The SA was kind of irritated at me and said that I was not allowed to be on the waitlist in more than one store because they charge the credit card right away and that I might get stuck with two bags. I found this hard to believe because I never gave my credit card details in the first place. Furthermore, don't we have the right to return the bags we purchase within 14 days? Why would he insinuate that I would get stuck with two bags? Does being on the waitlist mean that you enter into an agreement to purchase the bag you specified to reserve?

    Anyway, I apologized to him saying that I was not aware of this policy (you can only be waitlisted in one store) but it just does not seem right to me. Are you guys aware of this policy? Is it even a real policy?:confused1:

    sorry for the long post...
  2. im not really aware of the waitlist policy, but this seems quiet shady!!!
  3. I never heard of that - I think he was annoyed that he lost the sale so was just talking senseless. I have waitlisted for items and then didn't care for them in real life and passed on them. I didn't have to give credit card info to waitlist.
  4. I doubt it...or at least hope it isn't true. I remember other members mention in passing that they have waitlisted at multiple stores...especially if it's a high demand item.
  5. Putting your name on a waitlist just means that when the item you are waiting for arrives, they will *hopefully* let you know! It is not a sales contract. How silly of that SA.
  6. I was waitlisted for the hearts and miroir cosmetics case cand I still haven't recieved a call, and I called Las Vegas, Costa Mesa, Beverly Hills, and Beverly Center. Haven't recieved a notice from any store yet.
  7. I am waitlisted at my local store as well as 1-866 LV for some items. When I called 1-866 and told them I was already waitlisted somewhere else, they were VERY NICE and encouraged me to join their waitlist as well.

    Besides, last time I went into my local store and I asked the SA to verify my name on the waitlist, they said they couldn't find my name! So who can you really trust anyway?
  8. I don't have any stores nearby so I always have my bags shipped to me. I usually waitlist at three different stores (they're all in the same city). Whoever calls me first gets my business. And when I waitlist, I usually waitlist for both PM and GM sizes. I am up front and tell them that I will most likely only keep one but that I need to see both sizes IRL to make my decision.

    I recently waitlisted for the Tivoli PM and GM. I ordered from the first store that called, and when the other stores called me up, I told them I had already made my purchase. Both stores were very gracious about it. I think you just spoke to a rude SA, unfortunately.

    Oh, and after I make my purchase, I usually call the other stores I'm waitlisted at so they can take me off the list and bump someone else up.
  9. I have only waitlisted once... but when I did I just left my name (no credit card #)... think the guy was just rude and mad he lost a sale :sad:
  10. certain stores seem to require a CC# upon waitlisting, others don't. i'm guessing its up to the store manager how the SAs should proceed when it comes to waitlisting.

    i think you spoke to a rude SA, unless it was their policy to charge upon arrival, though he should've informed you that that's the procedure. that store would HATE me since i waitlist for anything that remotely interests me. my SA says that it is a service that LV provides to its customers and that its no big deal if i'm not interested in a waitlisted item since it'll just go to the next person who really wants it.
  11. waitlist at every store you can. it doesn't hurt anything. you get it from one, you take yourself off the lists of the others. give yourself a fighting chance.
  12. I've never heard that you can't waitlist at more than 1 LV??

    And also I was asked to give my CC info to one of the LV I was going to waitlist at and I was like are you kidding what if I don't want it??? Then i got this annoying well we want to make sure the people that want it, get it first. And how if she called when it arrived she couldn't guarantee it would be there..... blah blah blah..... I think she was just mad also that it wouldn't be a sale for sure. I dont know...

    I tend to not listen to SA's that much and their non sense...

    Also you can return an item within the 14 days like you said, so even if they charged you if you put your CC info down you could return it and they couldn't do a thing about it....

    I hate cranky SA's!!
  13. My SA told me to call busier stores when she knows I really want somethng.

    This guy was being a total jerk to you and just got pissy cause he missed the sale. You can be on as many lists as you want.
  14. It's not true you can't wait list on more than one store, I've place myself for certain item ALL OVER AMERICA lol. Some will ask you for the CC info, but it's not necessary as it's only for SA to determine who on waitlist is likely to final the purchase with them. I'd ask to speak with his manager if he ever gave you the same 'speech'
  15. I had to give a credit card to show I was serious about buying the Tivoli PM. Basically, if you provide a credit card, I was told it bumps you up the list. I bought my bag at the Ala Moana (Hawaii) LV. I have never heard of this waitlist policy but you know, LV I find has different policies at different stores.