Waitlist Question

  1. I am sorry if this has been asked before but from what I have been reading, the question on waitlisting seems to be confusing.

    I recently got waitlisted for a Tivoli PM, and when I did this at the LV boutique, they got my credit card info and even asked me to sign, saying that they will charge my card.

    However, I did read from some posts that some people only gave their names and contact information in order to be waitlisted.

    I'd like to know what the standard is for being waitlisted. Do they really need/get your credit card information? I don't want them to charge my card even before the item arrives. And i don't even know if it was proper for them to get my credit card information in the first place. Does anyone know what the LV policy is on waitlisting?

    Thanks in advance everyone! I'm sorry, I'm just really confused. This will be my very first LV bag, so I am quite nervous. :confused1:
  2. I shop at LV Rodeo Dr. and when I waitlist for something they don't ask me to sign anything, but then they have my cc on file already. If you feel uncomfrotable I would give them a call and just make sure they do not charge you until they are about to ship it to you. But more than likely, you signing just means you are guaranteed to get one as soon as they receive it.
  3. From what I've read on tpf, it varies depending on store/SA. I'm waitlisted for the Tivoli @ 2 stores and neither of them required a CC, though they did offer to take my CC# & just charge me when it arrived. (They won't charge you until the item has arrived).

    The good thing about that is, the bag is definitely yours as soon as it gets to the store. But if you don't like it, the bad thing is, the bag is definitely yours - and LV boutiques have different return policies. Some say they do refunds, others say only store credit.

    Perhaps you can call the boutique you've waitlisted at & ask them to take your CC info off and just call you when the Tivoli arrives. Hopefully they'll accomodate you.
  4. the policy differs from store to store, it seems. when i waitlist for stuff, my SA does not ask for my CC info. but as sugarcookie mentioned, if they have your CC info on file, you are guaranteed to get one.
  5. It's not unheard of to be required to get a cc # to hold an item. Usually they do this if it's a LE piece to make sure you're really interested, I think. They never ask me, but then again they already have my cc info.
  6. It depends on the store. Some stores don't ask for CC information for regular items.

    If they do, it is usually for limited edition pieces. Once the bag is in, the store will charge your CC immediately and the bag is yours.
  7. I've never been asked for my credit card information, though it is on file. I usually just leave my name and that's sufficient until the bag arrives. Also, my local LV will allow you to reconsider the item even though you've been waitlisted for it, particularly if it's in high demand. So if you see it and don't like it, there's no obligation to purchase.
  8. If you are a regular LV customer they have a file on you in their computer system and this file has a credit card already on file so this is why they do not ask some of us. If you are a new customer or they do not have a record of you in their system, they will ask for a cc to confirm your waitlist.
  9. thanks everyone, i will call them later and try to ask what their policy is. :smile:
  10. I think it depends on where yoiu are it seems common practice in the US but in the UK they will not take cc details (proir to bags arrival) no matter how much you know you want the bag
  11. My local store has never taken CC info for anything I've waitlisted, however, I have listed for a couple of things outside of my province and I've been asked for my CC info except once.

  12. ^^^^^^^

    This is correct.
    If you are a regular, they already know your purchase history and info...