Waitlist Question

  1. For you ladies that are waitlisted for a certain bag. Do you call up the store to check on the status?? Or do you just wait for them to call. I'm worried that they won't call me if the bag I want is snatched up before my name on the waitlist--that I'll be waiting for a phone call I'm never going to get. Does that make sense? Any commets appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. if it's a bag i'm really itching to get i try to call my SAs from time to time, but generally i have a pretty good rapport with my SAs so they do call me as well to talk about my waitlisted items and any other bags they currently have that they think I might want to get. in my experience it's paid off to build a few good and loyal relationships with your favorite SAs.
  3. I check with them once in a while and let them know I am waiting for it. They always call me when the bag is in 'cause I have good relationship with SA.
  4. Definitely check in. I find that sometimes they call and often they don't - at least at Nordstroms.
  5. I find if you waitlist with a specific salesperson, they will call when the bag comes in. If you don't have a sa call and get a name and ask him/her to call you. It's always better to have someone looking out for you.
  6. I would call or email....
  7. i'm worried about exactly the same thing! i don't have a specific sa that i work with, since i only started buying chanel, and i will only be buying one or two a year.

    i keep itching to call the boutique about my bag and ask them if it has come in yet. i have to limit myself to calling once a week at the most... anymore than that and i think i'm being really annoying. then i get worried that they will mark by my name that i keep calling and then not call me when the bag does come in.... i think i'm super paranoid!

    anyways, is it acceptable to call and ask about it?
  8. I think it is perfectly acceptable to call and verify placement on the waitlist. I have asked to be put on lists in the past only to call a few weeks later and not have my name appear on the list (this happened w/Vuitton, not Chanel). Now I always call to verify. Then as release date approaches, I check in to verify if release date is still on target. Another good excuse (reason) to call is to verify the price of the bag you are waiting for. The actual week/date of release, I just go crazy trying to keep myself from picking up the phone and calling every day!

    My best advice about waitlists is to find a few good SA's to work with and get on their lists. As you build a relationship w/them they will do everything they can to make sure you get your bag(s).
  9. ^^I agree. I recently put my name on a list only to find out that I actually wasn't on the list. Luckily, I called about the bag and one was still available. But, I agree with building a relationship with a few SA's. They will try to help you locate a bag if you continue to buy from the same person.
  10. Yes I do call, about once a week or so, to make sure they know I am still interested, even though I am on the list :yes:
  11. I only waitlisted for one bag and the SA called suprisingly ... I didn't think I would get the bag but I did so I'm pretty happy. But no I don't think I would call to check up.
  12. I agree with many of the other posters, I think there is nothing wrong with calling to check on your status. This is a great way to check on the waitlist and potentially make a connection with an SA!
  13. I call, especially if I really want it bad. Which is always.
  14. I do call or email my SA to check up on a bag I am waiting for-and I like to stop and check with them in person once in a while