---Waitlist on Gucci.com ?---

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  1. anybody dealt with it? I'm trying to order a belt but it says its not available-
  2. i hate wait lists...everytime I've been on one I never got it
  3. :s thats not the news i wanted to hear lol...

    its just for a belt??!! hopefully it comes...they gave a 2 month window though

    maybe someone can point me somewhere else for it?

    its the G plaque white/lime green/black web belt from the spring/summer collection
  4. You can try the boutiques, I usually bypass the waitlist that way. And if it is at your local one they can usually find in another state and have it shipped to you. The only downfall is that they don't give a tracking number when it ships, but you should receive it in 5-7 days.
  5. I've only been on the waitlist one time. I ended up never getting the item.
  6. oh shucks.. im also on waitlist for a new britt medium bag.. :sad: so does that mean I wont get it?
  7. I'm waiting for the medium new britt also in black......I hope I get it
  8. received an email from gucci.. they are shipping my new britt medium today!! will receive it on the 10th!
  9. congrats.............I got mine too I'll have it monday
  10. congratulations to us!!:wlae:
  11. which one are you getting...color?
  12. new britt medium hobo with single strap in beige and white leather trim..

    i got the joy medium tote with double straps last month..

    im so excited... and Im waiting for my orange first balenciaga bag too..:wlae:

    Im soooooo banned from shopping after this!!:upsidedown: