Waitlist items arrived :) but what if I don't like them?

  1. I waitlisted for the dentelle speedy gold, the ludlow gold and they finally got a pomme vernis ludlow in for me. I just got the call :nuts: they're ALL there for me to pick up! I'm going there tomorrow and I'm excited but it's also the first time I waitlisted and it actually worked out, and I haven't seen the dentelle speedy in real life :rolleyes:

    So what if I don't like all the items I had them put aside for me? :confused1: I'm sure I don't have to buy (all of) them in that case, but how do you do it? What do you say? This must probably sound silly but I'm trying to build a relashionship with my SA and don't want to be "blacklisted" :smile: So just in case I shouldn't like everything, how would you make a graceful exit? TIA!
  2. Forgot to add I didn't have to give them my CC info, they waitlisted me anyway :supacool: , my SA's been really friendly so far.
  3. I think they would totally understand if you didn't *love* it! The same happened with me and I just emphasized how someone below me will love it (I passed on the silver speedy and am going with the gold).
    Also...they love it when you can tell them further in advance that you don't want. So going in 2 days before the release is a good thing!
  4. Just tell them you changed your mind. I think you will really only be "blacklisted" if you do this TOO many times, or if you put down deposits for the really expensive bags, then back out once they come in. Those bags actually cost them more money to have in the store because they have a certain clientele and the normal customer won't be interested, or be able to afford them.
  5. Thanks, seems pretty easy :smile:
  6. I usually tell the SA how seriously I'm thinking about getting something, but even though I sometimes say "I probably won't be getting it" or "It's pretty, but I don't think it suits me ATM", they always want me on the list. XD Mostly I only wait list for things I know I will buy that they could charge me for even though I haven't really seen it.

    Waitlisting for different colours even though you know you'll only get one of them seems to be totally fine.
  7. If you don't love them, don't get them. I think they only blacklist if you do it a ton of times. I tell my SA in advance that I want on the waitlist, but I will only buy if I LOVE.
  8. Thank you ladies, I'll see how it goes tomorrow...
  9. I removed myself from the azur waitlist when I got my from someone else..and my SA was very appreciative that I let him know right away. so I think as long as you give them some time's notice..they'll be fine...
  10. I wouldn't worry if your not happy with one or two items and you purchase at least one of them. There'll always be another person who's waiting for those bags.
  11. Just say no!