Waitlist for Mono Insolite--buy online or by phone instead?

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  1. My local LV was out of the Mono Insolite and as of today, they weren't able to give me a timeframe of when they would be back in stock. Should I just order one online/by phone instead? I'd be paying a bit extra for shipping, but I would probably avoid the rumored upcoming price increase. I had hoped to see it in person first, though. Thoughts?
  2. I bought the green one from louisvuitton.com without seeing it in person.. fast shipping, love the wallet.. if you like a big wallet, you will love this one...
  3. I have it withh red. At first I had to get use to it. But now I am loving it.
  4. Waiting on a purple one to come in *sigh*
  5. I am thinking about get one in red. I love big bags and wallets, so I think this one will do the trick. I think you should get the it.