waitlist for each sa?

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  1. Is there one waitlist per store or does it follow the SA? I put my name in for a gst in black w/ gold in NYC with Alexandria weeks ago. I called today and was told that she was on vacation. I would be called back when all the other orders were filled. Is this right? The SA didn't even give me her name, just took mine and hung up.
  2. That shouldn't be the way they do business. At our store, if I take a customer's information for a pre-order...it is rung up the day it comes in regardless if I am there or not.
  3. so is there a possibility that i will be an order that they are filling today? I was planning on going out of town, but maybe I need to stick around. I live in Texas.
  4. should be per store, not per SA. . . that wouldn't be fair really.