Waitinglist for Birkin, how long did you had to wait?

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 10, 2010
    I got my first Birkin Bag when I was 25, which has a special story,
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    So, I had to wait for 9 months! I could even wait for over a year, because I know, that those bags are not running away and it's always worth to wait! :smile:

    How long did you had to wait for a Birkin bag? I hear around, it's going to be more and more expensive every year 10%!!! My mom got it around 7 years before me, which was maybe around 40 % cheaper! Then my aunt who got it a year after me, which was 10% more!!!

    Have fun to read Sonya's blog! :smile:

  2. i actually did not wait at all because i allways got kellys then when i came in for my 4th kelly my store manager said that they had two birkins available so if i wanted i could choose from them and i got it a swift black and gold hardware 35cm perfect still one of my best bags point is i fell for the birkin from then on i have been buying birkins waiting almost 2 years for my croc and diamonds because i had all the little details for the bag so it took longer but the truth is yes with time i have been noticing the uprise but thing is the birkin seems unstopable in the fashion world to me its the under the radar perfection and thats all that matters
  3. by the way i knid of like the wait makes you want it more dont you think ?
  4. I love the wait, so I can put a bit of money aside during the wait...Well, I am still waiting...it's been 5 months now, I don't mind at all...
  5. I'm waiting for my first Birkin now.
    Told my SA two weeks ago what I want and now the wait has begun.
    I don't mind the wait, just like flower said, I can put some money aside during the wait (that means if I can keep my promise and stick to my ban lol :P).
  6. I ordered mine last August and it arrived in December - four months later. I wasn't expecting it so soon so I was thrilled.
  7. too many times I was tempted to get my first birkin from local re-sellers, I had to pass since I want my first birkin to be extra special, besides, Im paying for it, so I'd love to wait and be thrilled, problem is, Im still confused what color to actually pick;)
  8. #8 Feb 11, 2010
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    First one in 2006 waited 1.5 years
    Second one in 2009 waited 8 months
    Third one in 2009 waited 2.5- 3 months
    Fourth one in 2010 waited 2.5 months
    Fifth and Sixth Coming Soon- 8-12 months wait Placed order Sept 2009....expected arrival may-aug 2010
  9. I waited 8 months for my Birkin.
  10. Blimey - I might have to put my order in now! (save as I wait as some have already noted)

    I've always wanted a Birkin but too afraid to step into a store in case I get shunned away because I don't look posh enough.

    In any case it looks like the wait list is long! I'm guessing the more classic colours like black and navy take longer to come in??
  11. my organg 30 birkin arrive after 3.5 months and black 35 togo arrive on 4.5 month
  12. The thing is do you guys ordered in U.S. or Paris or somewhere else? I have put my order in for about 3 months, and haven't heard anything. I think the place you put the order will make the difference?
  13. Less than ten days. I was shocked (and so was my American Express card!)
  14. ^Lily..........how lucky you are!!!
  15. i placed my order last month in Vegas, my SA told me that i have to wait at least 8 months or 2 years long!!! I wish it comes in next year:love: cos is my initial stamped. :graucho::graucho: