1. :girlsigh:so am i the only one that hates to wait on stuff? i have sunglasses on the way, and now a purse and make-up bag. ugh! can't they be here already. i'm so not patient...lol.

    so what is the longest that any of you have had to wait to get your new something special?

    the sunglasses would have to be mine...i won them on sunday and she just responded that she would be shipping them soon. and then the 2-3 days for that....blah! [so 4 days to respond and then to ship them "soon" and then the actual shipping = forever]
  2. ugh, that is a long time to wait for something you paid for already!

    My Carly that I paid for on Friday is taking a long time to get to me! The lady sent me an email saying she sent it, but did not say when. If she didn't send it out until yesterday, Wednesday, I am not going to be a happy camper!!

    I hope you don't have to wait too long for your new glasses and accessories!
  3. well the purse that i won [or my lovely DH did] is being shipped out today...i already have the tracking number! gotta love that seller!! so happy! :yahoo:
  4. I waited almost 3 (or 4?) weeks for a bag once! It was one of those things where it was way too good of a deal to pass up & I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it or sell it, but I still wanted it! I was actually really worried if it was real or not. It was (Hampton Patchwork Tote, small). It turned out to be too small for me and a little brighter than I thought I could pull off.

    Right now I'm waiting on a bag I bought on eBay a couple days ago. I think it'll be there tonight when I get home. Seller is in the same state & shipped right away. :biggrin:

    I looove having the tracking number. :smile: It helps me stay patient.
  5. The worst time I had waiting for a package from Coach was just before Christmas when the Fed Ex tracking said it was on the truck to be delivered but wasn't. Then the next day it said it was back on the truck to be delivered again. But with the Christmas rush the poor delivery guy didn't get it to me until 7:45pm on the 2nd day.
  6. so you were down to nail biting by then...lol. i try to teach my children to be patient and to wait...but it's so hard. so very hard.

    and wow gypsumrose that was a long time to wait, and then not even be able to enjoy the purse :[[
  7. I am so impatients when it comes to goodies in the mail! But getting to a Coach store in the city is such a pain!! ;_;
  8. That is one of the reasons I dont really like to shop online. I do it anyway, of course!, but I like instant gratification. Even if I'm going to leave the tags on the bag to decide at a later date, I prefer to have it in my hands!
  9. im lucky about that. i have a nice coach store about 20 mins from me. the only headache is waiting to find a decent parking spot and then having to push my way through the crowd in the store. there are also 2 outlets in TX...not too close to me, but they will be worth the trip when ever i make it.
  10. Waiting is awful -- I'm terribly impatient! I'm one of those people who hit up the FedEx site five thousand times a day to see when the tracking info gets updated, lol.

    Which sunglasses are you getting??
  11. [​IMG]

    those are my new glasses...i can't wait!


    new purse and matching make up bag...and again i can't wait!
  12. whoa cute glasses! i want them tooooo!
  13. I love that makeup bag! :love:

    I am really impatient when I am waiting for my bags to come in the mail.
  14. I adore those sunglasses. I might have to get them in a few weeks... still banned for the mo. :biggrin:
  15. yeah, i feel a ban coming on soon. i was supposed to be getting a camera, instead im loading up on coach...hehehe.