Waiting, waiting waiting.... for....

  1. Hello, I am new to Prada forum, but am so excited :yahoo: about recieving a recent purchase (from ebay) that I had to share it my excitement with someone!!

    Here are the pics from the auction. I will be sure to post my own when I get it! It's called Daino Leather Hobo. I :heart: the metallic color!!


  2. I think it was shipped yesterday. Maybe I will get it by Saturday? Gahhh... I can't wait!!
  3. I saw that when it was listed. Drooool! Congrats on your purchase!
  4. Thanks Decophile, no delivery yesterday. Boo! Maybe today!!
  5. ^Darn! Hope it comes in today. Isn't delivery day just wonderful? I'm getting a delivery myself today and the anticipation is killing me. So hang in there until your little bundle of joy arrives!
  6. :roflmfao: my bundle of joy!! You are so right! If I may ask... what are you expecting today?
  7. ^My bundle was delivered! It's a Balenciaga First in Ink, and my first Bbag. Words cannot describe...:crybaby: the joy, the tears, the incredulity:wtf: , the love one feels for these bundles of joy. My heart just about burst!
  8. I just got that bag from Neiman's!!!! It was an impulse purchase that probably was not wise. But darn, it looks good with everything :smile: I love it.
  9. Congrats to both of you ladies!! B-bags are a whole other world that I haven't entered yet (beyond fondling them on NM). I wouldn't know how to choose a color! They are all so scrumptious!

    And good news! I have a delivery card in my hand! And am off to the Post Office to pick up my bundle of joy! I can hardly wait. Pictures soon to follow!!
  10. ^ can't wait to see! that one looked sooooooo cute!!
  11. Quick update, I rescued my package Saturday morning from the post office!! But, instead of tearing it open right away, the BF insisted that I open it later in the afternoon since we were on our way to a wine trail for the day. GGrrrr!!

    As the day went on I got sick (sneezes, sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose). Late Sat night when we finally got back I was SICK, but got to open my baby!! The new bag smell is TDF!! (I could even smell it with a stuffed up nose) I am feeling a bit better (slept all day yesterday) and promise to snap some pic of her when I get home from work!!

    Even though I was sick, I set her on my cabinet in the bedroom so I could stare at her all day. The coloring is chamelion-like and changes depending on the light! So there I was setting her in different places in the room and changing the lighting to see all the varieties. The BF caught me doing this and yelled at me for running around. Hahaha! So he made me get in bed and he trucked in a few different lights for me, then proceeded to do the most hilarious (as he called it) "Bag Fashion show" where the bags "walked" down the catwalk through the different lighting. Being sick can be fun!! He's a keeper!!
  12. ^That's pretty cute! Sorry about your sickness. I've beed DYING to see pics of this one. I also do the same thing with new bag purchases... I display them on a perch (a floating wall shelf) or on my dresser for a while so I can drool and be happy. That's a sure sign of an addict. :rolleyes:
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: I couldn't be happier!!

    newprada5.jpg newprada6.jpg leather.jpg
  14. Veeeeeeeery nice!! Love it! Congrats. Post some modeling pics when you're feeling better.
  15. here's another showing the difference in the leather depending on the lighting :supacool: