Waiting to see if I scored the Cross-Body!! Ahh! WORRIED!

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  1. Who is joining the desiring the cross-body Paddy club? Did anyone miss out?

    There were two left (and in my colour: Nutmeg:heart:) when I called. The SA said she didn't know if it went through. What does that mean? Like someone might have gotten it before we tried? She's calling tomorrow. But I have NOT been charged yet - I keep checking. :crybaby:

    There was at least one Nutmeg Cross-Body in Boston, but they're not nearly at that price. And the ones on eBay are a lot more expensive, too. Sigh. :girlsigh:

    I hope we can all get one! And I hope in our fave colours. Wish me luck! I need to pray for it - lol (nahh).
  2. Oh I hope you get one! I love mine.:love: Good Luck!
  3. Thanks.
  4. Fingers crossed for you!
  5. Which long strap style are you after? I thought the long straps on the Paddington styles are too short to wear cross-body, unless you want the bag under your armpit?
  6. The strap can actually be elongated...just bring it to a reputable shoe repair shop and they can punch extra holes on the strap, like how they do with belts.

    Good luck DesignerElla, I'm crossing my fingers for you too!!! :flowers:
  7. *shrug*, it's called the Cross-Body Paddington. I saw pictures on eBay with it cross-body on a mannequin.

    Well, the SA said she put in 5 orders on Sunday and "none of them were picked up." :shrugs:

    She was at lunch, but she's going to take my info to call me back if one pops up.

    I'm just thinking .. to eBay?

  8. That's really lame :sad:

    I ordered one for my mom too, and to hear this makes me feel upset.

    Sorry to put all you gals through this wild goose chase for the cross-body. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. Good luck - I love that style. Is defo on my want list
  10. Thanks, Mims. Thanks everyone.

    I keep trying to consider different styles, but I really want that Cross-Body. I wish I made just a $50 more offer on that Castor on eBay.
  11. Okay, I bought one on eBay, lowest price out of 2, yet the BIN was higher but I don't want to wait 5 more days for the auction to end.

    I figure I'm paying a premium luxury amount for getting it sooner. I e-mailed the seller and asked if I could upgrade the shipping.

    I also decided that if this bag works out, I'm selling my Coach school bag, which would even out the difference. I don't feel bad about it.

    If it doesn't work out, I may just sell it. I wish I were eligible to do swaps with you ladies, but that shouldn't take too long.

    I also figure that it's still a huge discount, you know? It will come to around $1,000. Oh well!

    I'm not ecstatic, but I have life-related things to worry about anyway. I'll get happy! Maybe you girls can get me excited. ;)

    ALSO! I need wishes to get into the classes I want. I want to switch classes so I can take 2 with my favorite professor, and I'd really be better off. Classes are filling up though, I'll see tomorrow!!

    I won't have books tomorrow yet anyway, so it's regular Paddy! :yes: I hope I get excited about THAT. ;)

    Hmmmmmmmm I can feel the excitement starting already! Woohoo.
  12. So which color did you end up buying!??!
  13. I tried to get in on that Saks bargain....but no luck. I ended up buying one off ebay and it just arrived today. I paid $750 so it was still a great bargain and I'm very happy with it!
  14. Are you suuuuuuure you didn't pay $790+ and out-offered me? My offer on a Castor was $750.

    I paid more in the end and I got what I decided I fell in love with - Nutmeg.

    I hope mine comes as fast as yours, but I'll have to pay for expedited if the seller takes that offer. I'm waiting on an answer for a quote. (It's been hours, now :s) I'll pay tomorrow afternoon, and I hope the seller writes back by then so I CAN.

    Ahh she wrote back to MY E-MAIL! I've been checking My EBay. Darnit. She said she ships UPS, so I asked her if she could do expedited through them.

    Ahhh.... okay I've got to get ready for bed, I guess no exciting Paddyness for me.

    Ha ha. The Purseuit of Paddyness. :nuts:
  15. I followed up with an SA at my local Saks (not the SA who hooked me up with the info about the available cross-bodys floating somewhere in the Saks universe), and she indicated that the charge sends on the bags were still open, AND that the cross-body still shows to be AVAILABLE.

    So, I'm like where the h*** are they?? Then I tell her, "ok, so what's the problem here? I'm waiting for my order to be filled, and these bags are showing to be available...isn't there anything you can do to expedite the order so I can *have* the bag??". Then she gives me some lame explanation that she doesn't know exactly where the bags are, that they could be anywhere, that they could be held for a customer, etc. etc. etc. She then told me to follow up with the SA I put the order with. I mean really. My credit card is already on the dotted line ready to pay for the bag. I just don't understand what the hold up is! It's really so frustrating, and even more frustrating when SA's don't accomodate to you especially when you spend a great amount of money on a bag!

    So, to all you PFers, who have called Saks attempting to order the cross-body: I apologize for the confusion and headache this is causing. I'm trying my best to find out what the H*** is going on with Saks, and why our bags orders are still not picked up....