Waiting to protect bags after conditioning them

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  1. I used the apple care conditioner on several of my bags today with great success. I want to spray them with protectant too, but I don't know how long I should wait to let the conditioner fully sink in before spraying? Is there a technique to this, or can I spray right after conditioning?
  2. I spray right after conditioning and haven't had a problem yet.
  3. I have read the Bal care and maintenance, but didn't see the answer to this exact question. But I will check out the eBay page, thanks!

  4. I would say that whatever the directions are for dry time on the conditioner - when it's supposedly dry, then spray with a protectant. I know one of the conditioners I use says to wait 1 hour before handling ... maybe you could use that as your guide?
  5. I ended up just letting the conditioner dry over night then I started to spray them this morning. I will keep that in mind for the next time though, it would be easier! Thanks.