Waiting to PAY...

  1. Hi all, I won an item about a week ago and the seller didnt accept paypal so I thought that I would send cash since it was easy to do since the item was in Europe and although we are English Pounds, My Household allways has Euros knocking around here and there LOL. So I e-mailed the seller and tell him that I have euro's to send but I hear nothing back.

    A couple of days later I look for the sellers address on eBay so I can send the cash out (its now been 5 days, Including the weekend since I couldnt send the cash then since the PO is closed) but I hear nothing. So then a day later I send the seller a message asking for his address since his address isnt coming up but I have still heard nothing. im really worried since I *think* the seller doesnt speak much english and I havent heard from him :sad:. What should I do ??, I really want the item and have the cash to send out today or a.s.a.p, but I dont have his address.
  2. I would file with eBay and say you have a non-performing seller. I wouldn't send this person cash.
  3. why would you send cash?? that is crazy if you do that and he doesn't send it will be your fault
  4. The cash will be sent registered so i have proof I have payed for the item with tracking no etc. I have done this several times before, its allways worked for me in the past.
  5. This is a good idea. This is my last option, Im going to give the seller till tonight to reply, if not then I will do this. :smile:
  6. well if the person isn't responding, i definitely wouldn't send him the money. as socialite said, report him as a non-performing seller!

    also, sending cash through the mail sounds risky to me. even if you sent it via registered mail, doesn't that only provide tracking? my understanding is you can't insure currency.

    in the US, the postal service tells us that we're not allowed to send cash on customs forms...now if that's actually honored or not i'm not sure. i would just be careful because my cousin sent her passport through registered mail and even though the envelope arrived at the destination, her passport had been removed.
  7. You should never send money, even if it's registered there is no proof that you put the cash in the envelope. An electronic payment is traceable.
    What country is the person in, maybe someone can help with a translation? (I can help you with Dutch at least!).
  8. Hi everyone, Heres just a quick update. I made a non-performing seller report with Ebay and then after that i was checking my e-mail because I had asked for pics of another item. Now I see that I have two messages In JUNK e-mail, both from him with his address which were sent two days ago.

    I feel like such an idiot, how do I tell ebay that everything is ok now ??, I thought that the seller would send his address through ebay and not directly to my e-mail :sad: