Waiting to feel the Joy

  1. Friday is the big day in NYC -- the new Gucci boutique opens (complete with free coffee being handed out on the street in paper cups that say Gucci Loves NY. The new Gucci Loves NY Joy bags and other goodies go on sale.

    Is anyone going on Day One to partake in the festivities? I really want to get over there and get a Gucci Loves NY Joy bag.
  2. Oh man, im in texas... can't go :tdown:. i wonder if they'll have like gucci loves NY little accessories. try to take spy pics :p
  3. I can't get the site to open :sad:

    have a great day if you go steal me a cup of coffee LOL
  4. anyone have pics of the bags or can direct me to them I've never seen them the concept sounds cute
  5. I would love to go but nobody but me likes Gucci and I don't want to go to the city alone.
  6. Here ya go :flowers: www.guccilovesny.com

    all proceeds go towards 21 children's playgrounds in central park. How cool is that?

  7. Wish I could join you for that cup of joe and some joy. Guess I will have to wait for usp....Have a great time!!!!
  8. According to some of the scoop I've seen just by Googling, there will be small goods wallets, maybe keychains and even expensive leather jackets with the Gucci Loves NY logo.

    Gpoop, sometimes it's better to go into the City by yourself. You get to choose where to go and how long to stay there. And you can take yourself out for a fabulous lunch, too.