Waiting Room Rant

  1. I was at the OB/GYN yesterday and of course waited for EVER... But I was so annoyed by the number of teenage mothers in there. There were at least 3:wtf:. One VERY pregnant with her mother, another about 6 months by herself and one in there w/ her mother and the most disgusting guy I have ever seen that smelled like a dirty ash tray.

    Now I know I sound VERY judgemental, but WTF? We are in the "age of technology". I just don't understand WHY, WHY, WHY young women are so stupid. If they are having sex unprotected, imagine what else they are getting besides pregnant.. all those STDs, HPV and even AIDS.

    It just made me so sad. What kind of mothers are they going to be, they are children themselves... and these girls just made it infinitely more difficult to acheive their goals and dreams. Are the children they are having just going to repeat the cycle??

    Oh, it made my heartbreak when we are trying to have a baby and have worked so hard to prepare this moment in our lives and I see these scared little girls sitting in the office. I have to remind myself to feel compassion for their situation...
  2. I know exactly how you feel. It breaks my heart but also makes me so angry!!!
  3. it is hard to see girls who really shouldn't be pregnant when you're trying so hard to conceive.
    I remember that :sad:

    My best girlfriends from high school got pregnant intentionally @ 17 because her parents tried to keep her from seeing her boyfriend. They got pregnant on purpose and delivered a healthy baby girl and got married before graduation.
    The good news is that was 14 years ago and today they're happily married w/ 3 beautiful girls. My friend is educated and is a Level III NICU nurse at one of Houston's busiest hospitals.
    It doesn't always turn out bad but man it's hard to watch when you're a married woman {or whatever ;)} and trying so hard to start a family of your own when you KNOW you can provide a very stable and loving home for a baby!
  4. I don't understand it either. And it was just reported that STDs are at an all-time high. What the heck. DH and I have been partners for 15 years and we have NEVER had unprotected sex unless we were trying to have a baby. And DH with previous partners NEVER had unprotected sex - ever. It's not that difficult to stop pregnancies and while some people don't agree with them, abortions are available. Someone at 12 or 13 should NOT be carrying a baby to term and then KEEPING IT?!?!!? NO WAY!
  5. It is encouraging to hear that it doesn't end up badly for "all" girls in this situation. I was impressed that 'stinky ash tray' guy was there with his girlfriend and her mother... that takes balls. :tup:

    I guess I'm feeling insecure about my ability to conceive... but then again I could have probably just as easily gotten pregnant at that age too, if I had made that decision.
  6. isn't it ironic?
    We women try so hard to NOT get pregnant for so long, as soon as we choose we can be, we can't be:cry:

    Hang in there girls, you'll get there:flowers:
  7. That is so the truth!!!!! When I want something I want it NOW. :girlsigh:
  8. I totally took my fertility for granted...
  9. ^a lot of us do:yes:
    we assume it's a birthright.
  10. Anyone ere in my boat- 37.... but before they were 21 did something really bad and now jut sit around thinking every day, what if that ruined my chances? They said I was fine.... Oh my God I could have had a kid. And you really just want to kill yourself now but KNOW at 17 you could not have taken care of a baby? This is prob way TMI but I am so depressed right now.
    DH and I leave for Fla tomorrow, I'll be back Sun. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  11. I think you should concentrate on R&R while in Fla. Don't kick yourself when down, way too many volunteers everywhere! There's also an overpopulation of blame. Enjoy, enjoy...your vakay.
  12. You can't change the past, and don't blame yourself. Your experiences make you who you are today. And I am sure many are in your boat..........
    Don't dwell on this.
    Have fun in Fla ( is that Florida?) - if so enjoy the warmer weather!!!!
    Talk to you when you get back :heart:
  13. Yes! I'm totally in your boat.. I'm 35 TTC for 3 1/2 years. Had an incident when I was younger and at that time, my then bf was physically abusive. Even a few years ago he was put in jail for hurting his current wife. Anyhow..I knew I couldn't bring a child into that situation and he's in the area and would always to be tied to him.. Now have been with current dh 13 years and have all the love in the world..ready to have a baby and nothing.. I keep going back to that as well. Such guilt but I can't think of it that way.. I can't imagine that would have to be my only chance. Hang in there..We'll all get through together.

    On and back to original topic.. it does bother me! And I think my goodnes, we get our AF's at a young age.. How can that be when we're so not ready to have kids yet?
  14. I do understand (I was 26), however, I don't EVER think that what I did was "really bad" nor do I think that I "ruined my chances." I made the right decision, the responsible decision, and I spared myself a lifetime attachment to an abusive a-hole. Because of my choice, I ended up with a wonderful husband five years later. And hey, I also confirmed that I am capable of getting pregnant.