Waiting patiently for her walk....

  1. I'm on the laptop, eating breakfast, returning e-mails, riding the "blog" when I feel a pair of eyes burning into my back. I turn around and my doggie is just staring me down looking very forlorn on the couch with that "are you done yet?" look on her face. I gotta down my coffee now and take her for a walk....I'm such a bad mommy! Couldn't resist, had to take a photo and share....

  2. awww! What a big fluffy ball of cuteness!!! Nobody could resist those eyes!
  3. awww - she is so well-behaved while she waits.

    My boys start grabbing my arm to drag me to the door. :cursing:
  4. What a heartbreaker! I can see why you can't resist her charms! What a cutie!
  5. Awe! I get that face alot when my boys are ready to go to bed. Just that straight stare asking "Are you done yet?!". Haha thanks for posting a pic!
  6. She's such a beautiful dog. Who could resist that look?
  7. SO adorable!!!

    My dogs are not so patient--they whine, and carry my running shoes around!!!
  8. LOL!!!! If that look doesn't just say it all. What a cutie!
  9. Don't you wish you could read their minds when they do that. Mine lays with his head over the arm of the couch with his paws on either side of his ears like Kilroy.