Waiting on test results...

  1. I am numb right now, don't want to say too much-haven't told family or friends...but I'm waiting on test results for stomach cancer. I have a number of other health problems and this is the 2nd time in 4 years where cancer is being suspected.

    It's rare, hard to diagnose early-but in my extended family I have 2 close family members who've had it-one died and the other almost did. This besides 4 other close cancer deaths. Please pray for me/send your good thoughts. The waiting is very hard-got my scans yesterday and may not get results until Tuesday. Thanks.:sad:
  2. Oh, no! It's so upsetting to hear that. I am SERIOUSLY
    hoping and praying that you are okay! I know how stressful health checkups and tests can be. Good look, and I hope all goes well!


  3. I can't imagine how you must be feeling...try to do something fun to get your mind off it.
    hope things turn out okay :flowers:
  4. hey Delovely...Yikes that's super stressful... i'm sending you all the positive vibes and good wishes hoping it's nothing but just gastric or something...

    *HUGS* :flowers:
  5. Crossing my fingers that the test results for the cancer are negative and wishing you the best in luck in figuring out what is ailing you.
  6. What a stressful time for you. Please keep us updated and you will be in our thoughts.
  7. Oh geez, good luck! I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I'll be thinking about you!
  8. I am sending good vibes for you and i hope everything turns out OK for you!
  9. Thanks everyone. I know I can always count on TPFer's support. I was able to share with my best friend, but will wait until the test come back to tell my family. Thanks again.
  10. my prayers are with you! hang in there!
  11. HUGS I hope everything is ok. Let us know how your doing health wise and mind wise.
  12. *hugs* Prayers and thoughts to you!!!!!!!!! All the best!!!!!!!
  13. :flowers: My prayers and best wishes go out to you, dlovely!

    Relax and stay positive! We are here for you! *Hugs*
  14. Your in my thoughts...stay strong! :heart:
  15. Speedy recovering of you are feeling ill.
    Hope for the best, whatever bad thoughts it will soon pass.