Waiting on a new handbag

  1. okay ladies tell me what you think: (alittle long)

    I bought a coach bag on June 15th and I immediately paid for it through paypal (w/ my credit card). I emailed the seller asking about another item and she wrote that she'd send out my item on monday (June 18th), but that she requests up to four business days to mail out an item. But, she said she'd tell me when she sends it. I said okay.

    She lives in the same state as me, sending it 2 -3 day USPS so it should be a quick delivery. Friday June 22nd comes and goes so I email her about the bag. Basically i want to know if she mailed it and what the tracking number is. No response. :confused1: I email her again - no response. So on Sunday June 24th I e-mailed her saying - "Did she mail the bag yet?", could it be lost? I need to hear something by Monday (6/25) or I'll request a refund through paypal.

    Of course she writes back that she was out of town. The post office is far away. She said she had me confused with another buyer. The bag went out Thurs afternoon or it could have been Friday morning (??). And that she has 10 days to mail out an item. I should get it shortly. And I still did not get a tracking number.

    So I say okay all I really wanted was a response. I paid almost $400 for a bag and I'd like to know where it is. Today is the 10th day and I still did not receive my bag. She could've told me she was going out of town I'm very patient. I just wanted to know something.

    Anyway, how many more days should I give her?? I really just want the bag. Also, was I wrong saying I'd request a refund if I didn't hear from her??
  2. sounds like she doesn't have a tracking number for you and that she didn't ship via usps priority. if you live in CA, I noticed that the USPS there is EXTREMELY SLOW and can't be relied upon. i would give her 2 weeks from when you purchased. If you still haven't gotten it... demand a tracking number that day. If she doesn't respond, file a dispute.
  3. ^^^Thanks. I'll give her more time. I really would rather have the bag instead of the money back.