waiting lists: what happens if...

  1. I´m thinking about writing me in a waiting list for the groom and damier azur cleses (is it right cleses?) anyway I really want them both but I´m wondering what would happen if when the items arrive I can´t go to pick them up, for example, if I don´t have the money, if I make up my mind or something, I´m more worried bout not having the money, maybe just for one or maybe for two, not sure cause I dont have a job so I save for buying my LVs... right now I have money for one of them but I just want to know what would happen if this would happen ha.
  2. They will call you to let you know that your item is in and wether you still want it or not. You have an option of saying yes or no.
  3. Could you maybe have them hold it for you until you can see it in person? Or do you have to say on the phone right then yes or no?
  4. Of course! They call to tell you that it's there and usually hold it for you for 24 hours. You can come and have a look and either get it or not.:yes:
  5. I was on the waiting list for the damier speedy when it just came out and i was out of town when they called me...they can hold it for you for a few days, but since I was on vacation for a month, I had to either give it up or they gave me the option of sending it to me. They will charge your card and send it to the address that you provided them. I really wanted to see it in person before I bought it, so I had to give it up and just ended up buying one when I came back home...luckily I got the last damier speedy in stock when I got back home!!
  6. Is it the keychain+holder that you mean? Then it's just Cles (=keys in French) which is already plural.

    Ya, i agree, with everyone else here, you really should SEE IT before plunking down the cash!.........But then again....you can always accept it (if you absolutely cannot make it to the counter) and return/exchange it a few days later.:flowers:
  7. thanks you!!! :smile:
  8. You don't have to worry too much... I remember back in few years ago, I was on few waiting list for different white MC items when they first came out. I only got 2 phone calls from them and I end up only buying 1 items in store. You sould go ahead and put your name on the list first, you can always change your mind later~ :yes: