Waiting list ?

  1. hi guys,

    i've called the Louis Vuitton french hotline about some items inquiry and the lady on the phone told me it was usefull to call directly the store (Champ Elysee flagship for me) if i want to have my name put on the list for the upcoming products who will be released in november and december.

    Ok but how are we supposed to know what will be released ?

    i'm planning a trip to Paris in December and i would like to buy there something from the classic line (so no worries about the availability) + the Jack and Lucy keychain + the groom agenda.

    For both LE item (key & agenda) there is again a lots of them at the Paris store but she adviced me to call to have them booked for me, do you know if the SA at the Champs Elysee store will hold for me the products for 2 months ???

    Ok i cant buy them directly at my local store but i want to have a special shopping experience there during the holiday season.

    any info will be much appreciated !

  2. No..not for two months..unless you give them your CC to pay now and let you pick them up when you get there..
  3. Yep, hold is usually 3 - 5 days max, unless already paid.