Waiting List for SS07

  1. I think Bal NY is starting a waiting list for SS07. According to my SA, the Vert D'eau is a little greener than seafoam and is almost like light jade.
  2. Do you know when are they expecting the bags to come in :flowers:
  3. I think it's for early december
  4. Will we see pics of these bags in the city, first, etc. style? They aren't only for the padded, right?
  5. already?

    i just want my perfect black city PLEASE! i hope the leathers are luscious again for 2007!
  6. Judging by the fact that we never got to see any styles in Blue India other than the infamous Part Time until they arrived in the stores, I'm guessing that chances are we won't get to see any more Vert D'eau 'til then, either.

    When is Vert D'eau scheduled to arrive in stores, BTW?
  7. is starting...? as in they opened the waiting list book already?
    hm.... gotta make a phone call then
  8. 0o0o0o really???? i might send a quick email to my SA! 0o0o how exciting!!!
  9. Omg!! :nuts:
  10. They will arrive in store around end of Dec to early Jan, as I was told. I think they just started the waiting list, maybe today.
  11. How does that work? Obviously no firm committment - but if you are not on a list, do you still have a good shot at getting what you want?
  12. i dont think it comes in December.. I heard it comes in Jan-Feb.. but giving your SA heads up of what u want is a great idea.. just in case
  13. I got a mass email from Barneys, and Balenciaga is having a trunk show at the NY and Beverly Hills stores. I can't remember the dates, but I bet they'll have the s/s07 bags.
  14. Rei Rei, can you forward the email to me or copy it to this page? I'd love to go! I'm also pming you...

  15. Hello
    Part time pic you have it up..That's blue india?? or something else
    I think you and I looking for same color :yes: Kind of turquoise color...