Waiting list for Spring 2006 Paddington


Oct 23, 2005
By the time the new paddies come in for Spring 2006 (February or March, right?) I will be able to afford one :love: So I thought, why not put myself on a waiting list? The problem is, neither NM, Saks nor Nordstrom here in Orlando sells Chloe. I think the Saks or NM in Tampa does. If I call the stores here in Orlando, can they still put me on the list for a paddy and have it shipped to their store, even though they don't carry Chloe? If not, would I have to call a store that does to put myself on the waiting list? Can they send the bag to me if the store is in, let's say, Tampa, Boca or Miami? Also, do they charge your card after you are put on the waiting list, or only when the bag comes in and they let you know and you tell them that yes, you definitely want it.

Any explanations and clarifications about waiting lists would be great! Whiskey, here I come! :love:
Well, I answered my own question. I called NM and asked if I ordered one from another location if it could be shipped to that store for me to pick up, and the guy in the handbags department said that they are actually going to be getting some paddingtons in a few weeks! I gave him my contact info to let me know when a small whiskey one comes in so I can go by and look at it and decide if I want to buy it or not :biggrin:
Thanks :biggrin: I looked at Sophisticated Spirit, but it looks like she doesn't have any small paddingtons available for pre-order. Maybe she will sometime soon and I might order from her if the one at NM sells out before I can get to it.
FYI - Saks at Dadeland, Miami and Neiman Marcus at Merrick Park, Coral Gables both carry CHLOE - worth a few phone calls if you know what you want.
SuzyZ said:
FYI - Saks at Dadeland, Miami and Neiman Marcus at Merrick Park, Coral Gables both carry CHLOE - worth a few phone calls if you know what you want.

Thanks! :biggrin: If it doesn't work out at NM here in Orlando, I will definitely be calling. I could send my mom to pick it up for me :lol:
It's very pretty. I'm deciding on either the whisky, wine red, or chocolate brown paddy. It's so hard to make a decision especially since I'm a virgo!! lol
Those are my three top color choices, too. I really like the whiskey cos it looks like it would go well with brown, which I wear a lot of :biggrin: It looks like it would go well with many other colors, too.
Lieu said:
Can someone post a pick of Whisky paddington???

here's mine :smile:

I just special ordered mine in either whiskey or blue from my SA in NM Atlanta. If the bag never came.. I will eventually got the silver one in February through NM.com
i'm all about ivory. i think i'm going to order one from SS because my credit card limit is low b/c i have no cosigner and i'm a 19-year-old student - it would take up like my entire card and that's really not fun and i def can't put it on my mom's card because she already told me she thinks it's rediculous, lol. she has a limit with purses, and it's around $700, so i have officially crossed into territory that she is not fond of.