Waiting list for dark silver reissue

  1. I posted a thread looking for dark silver reissue a few days ago, but i wasn't lucky enough to find one.
    I was just wondering to which store i need to contact to get waitlisted. I know there are already a lot of people put their names on the list. so which store would be the best bet?? do you guys have any idea???
    help~!!! :yahoo:
  2. try to call chanel 800 number. and speak with the customer service, give them your phone number and chanel store will contact u within 24 hours! the customer service know which stores will get most stocks. i think thats the best bet, because Saks and neiman probably presold as now. good luck!
  3. thanks for the info minnie04, i will try to call them up tomorrow. :balloon:
  4. minnie04, saks and Neimans aren't receiving dark silver, to the best of my knowledge, so you don't need to call them.

    Try Chanel and Nordstrom, although Nordstrom's waitlists are full. Your best bet are Chanel botiques. I would just call around. Hopefully, you are in the states right now! I had to make so many long-distance calls just to waitlist for this bag! lol
  5. Neiman Marcus is supposed to receive the dark silver reissue. I am on the waitlist for Atlanta NM. Schoi, maybe you can try calling Paige, Becky or Alex (404-266-8200) to see if one of them can put you on the list for the bag.
  6. ^ ahh really? I feel like I am getting different information from different people! I think I remembered calling NM -- if I'm not mistaken, I think they are only receiving 227? (i called many places but a lot of the SAs were unhelpful, so I must have misunderstood the SAs)

    Schoi82, i know for sure Chanel botiques and Nordstroms will be receiving the 226 in dak silver.
  7. The Chanel boutiques and Nordstroms are getting the 226 size dark silver. Make sure you are on the waiting list because not everyone on the list will be taking the bag. Some might even be on more than one list.
  8. Thanks ladies for all the info.
    I called several chanel boutiques in NY, and but they alraedy had 15 tp 20 people waiting. One of the SAs told me that I still have a good chance of getting it, so hopefully i can get one of them.
    By the way, do you know when the boutiques are getting the pre-fall season bags??
  9. end of july/early august?