waiting is the hardest part: a brief essay.

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  1. I am waiting for the FedEx truck.

    After stressing over whether or not it's economically sound for me to buy that MbyMJ mini-Quinn on eBay, I finally went for it. No, it's not an Ostrich Stam or vintage Hermes, but as someone who works three jobs and is reluctant to buy anything for myself or to accept gifts (even from sweeties), I assure you that the purchase of this bag is a major event for me.

    After the initial three to four days of episodic elation, I set about the important task of obsessively reloading my FedEx tracking number to read up on the 3,000 mile journey of my little mini-Quinn.

    And today is the day.

    I awoke with the sun to leave a note on the front door in my neatest handwriting: "FEDEX: PLEASE RING THE TOP BUZZER. THANK YOU."

    I will admit to a dozen sly front-window peeks. I should really shower before my hair appointment. I should really attempt to finish one of the five books I'm reading right now. I should really make the quiche I planned on making for lunch.

    But window-peeking takes precedence at the moment.

    There's nothing to do now but wait.

    ..or continue trolling that Linea Pelle on eBay.

  2. the mbmj mini quinn is very cute. any signs of the deliveryman yet? don't forget to post some pictures.
  3. it just came! I will post pictures as soon as I stop drooling!
  4. How excited that would be! Please post its pictures. :woohoo:
  5. The suspense must be killing you! I know it's killing me!!!!
  6. WOOHOO, i read your brief essay and i could almost imagine the whole thing goin on, he he he, i can't wait to see it now that you have it. I think you deserve something nice once in a while and i'm glad you went for it. I know you'll love this bag and make use of it plenty :biggrin:!!
  7. Congrats! I can't wait to see your pics.