Waiting is soooo hard.

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  1. So Mom and I went into our local LV today. :graucho: She was going to get me the Ludlow wallet for Christmas...but then, there in the case was a Panda Pochette calling my name!! So my Mom said I had to make a decision. And I could hear all of you in the background. LOL. Limited edition. Cute. Go for the Panda. :yes: So the Panda came home and is boxed and wrapped and under the tree. So pictures soon.

    I wound up getting my Mom a Mono Cles. Going to fill with some gift cards to her favorite stores.
  2. Moms are the best!! Great gift and the Panda Pochette is too cute!!
  3. I love that idea!! Wish my DH would do that for me! He likes to buy me gift cards but likes to have something for me to open. A Cles would be great!!

  4. :nuts: Congrats!! LOVE the Panda:love:
  5. I hate waiting, too! LOL. Congrats on the Panda Pochette! It's a very cute bag.
  6. congrats!
  7. Waiting is brutal...but it so worth it!!! Be strong!! lol Congrats!
  8. congrats on the great find!
  9. congrats! and the cles with gcs in it is an awesome idea!
  10. good choice, you can always get a ludlow, but the Panda will dissapear at one point :yes:
  11. seemed like a win-win situation! congrats on the new pochette!!! lucky you and lucky mom to have a great daughter like you!
  12. What a great idea! And congrats on the panda pochette!
  13. what a great idea for a gift!!! I love it.
  14. I think you made an excellent choice! That Panda pouchette is adorable!
  15. Congrats .. the panda is a GREAT choice:love: