waiting in line experience

  1. I can deal with waiting in lines, its a way of life these days...but does it bug any of you, when after the person before you has finished her transaction, I get bugged when I have to wait until she neatly puts her money away, finds a place for her reciept, has to adjust her purse, which is usually an over stuffed, unorganized purse. It can take longer that the transaction! its usually an older woman with a large purse crammed to the fullest. :rant:
  2. OMG Yes!!!!!! This just happened to me yesterday!

    I was AMAZED at the insolence of this woman. And honestly, I only see women doing this. Men generally just rush and stuff everything into their wallet if they see me waiting (not that some women aren't also equally considerate) -- it's mostly females I notice who engage in the kind of passive-aggressive "I'm going to make you wait, haha" power-trip. I genuinely believe that's what it is.
  3. Yep, I mean, let's move with a purpose! It is the same when someone is wanting my parking spot, I get the heck outta there so they can park while I swear some people see someone waiting and they take their time on purpose...
    Another on line favorite is the mom (sorry moms) who lets her kids count out the money and get it out of her wallet. Yikes.
  4. I'm not a patient person. I get ticked off waiting in line, but I smile and nod. But I always wonder where the rest of the service people are. OR why do they Associates leave just as I'm getting to the front of the line? However I do understand that people have to put their stuff away, I just don't understand why they can't move to the side and do it.
  5. Yes! I know what you mean! Especially when I go to walmart. Most of the time, I just want to get in and out of that place so I use the Self Checkout. I always, ALWAYS get stuck in line behind the person that has no idea how to effectivly use the Self Checkout and they decided to "test it out" with their 50 items. Grrrrr
  6. I can't stand this either!! Move along, everyone...
    OK, I admit I've had a couple times where I was just klutzy for some reason and had a hard time getting things back in my bag but I made a point of at least stepping away and putting my (fumbled) bag in my grocery cart so they could help the next person in line.
  7. I had friends at Harvard who did a study on the parking lot thing for a class. Their results found that when someone KNEW there was another person waiting to take their parking spot, on average they took 25 seconds longer to get out of the spot.

    People are weird. I swear, there's a huge death of consideration and good manners in this country.
  8. :hiding:

    You just described ME!!! :wtf: :lol:
  9. Me too! :crybaby: But I try to move out of the way asap, I'm just a fumbler I guess when it comes to getting stuff back into my bag.
  10. I get annoyed too but you know what? They had to wait, you have to wait, the person behind you has to wait.... I mean I do try to be quick but I am not going to rush for someone elses sake.
  11. this is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves. especially when the kid is like 2 and can't count anyway.
  12. See, I would.

    Agree to disagree!
  13. I don't go to that extreme when putting my stuff away after a purchase but...I hate it when people shop and don't leave themselves enough time to enjoy it.

    I was in line yesterday and a woman was complaining because the cashier wasn't working fast enough (trust me the cashier was doing her best to keep the line moving). After too many comments, I replied I never go into a store thinking I will be out by a certain time. Her reply was I have to pick up my kids. I probably rolled my eyes. Instead of rushing to pick up the kids you should be out shopping earlier or just wait until there is a better time for you.

    If I am in back of you, please take your time there is no reason for me to sweat the small stuff!:jammin:
  14. I also get very irritated. What also bugs me is when someone writes a check for something and it takes them forever to fill it out.
  15. I don't understand checks in this day of age. People the bank will gladly issue you a check card! It's widely accepted and fast as cash!