Waiting for the FedEx truck!!!

  1. After a few purchases and now some returns going back, I decided to order from elux yesterday vs. exchanging. They had the free upgraded shipping guaranteed to have the package arrive today.

    So waiting on my mono Speedy 30 and the mono change holder/keyfob! I really never cared for the Speedy but after reading so many posts and seeing so many pics here, I was convinced to get one. :lol:

    Happy Mother's Day to me!! :flowers:
  2. Oh no! I just noticed the delivery date says the 15th! But it arrived at 5:30 a.m. in the sorting facility about 3 hours from me... darn!

    I hope it comes today!!!
  3. OOOHHHH!! Post pics, when you get it please!! Congrats on your purchases!!!
  4. congrats on the speedy =D
  5. congrats!!
  6. YAY!!! CONGRATS on your new purchases!!!:love:
  7. Congrat's on the new speedy.
  8. Enjoy your Speedy!
  9. Wow, I'm so disappointed... my tracking # keeps showing it is being delivered on Monday -- I called TWICE yesterday to make sure my zip code would get overnight delivery, too. :sad:

    Called elux and she said it's not coming until Monday and she blamed FedEx. All they can do is give me free shipping on my NEXT order.

    How disappointing!! :cry:
  10. oh no! that is sad to hear! now you just got to get through these two days thinking about your speedy. its just right around the corner. itll be there before you know it! =)
  11. Sorry to hear you've got to wait until Monday. I can understand why you're disappointed. I would be pulling out my hair by now! I hope you enjoy your new Speedy and Cles when you do get them. Those are two items that are definitely on my want list. :heart:
  12. aw- that's so sad! I hate waiting for things to get here!
  13. stink one! :sad: ***hugs*** i'll wait with you! you're gonna totally love your speedy!!! woo hoo!
  14. Sorry you have to wait until Monday, but just think about how happy you'll be when they arrive. :flowers:
  15. Congrats on your new speedy. Bummer about the delivery being delayed until Monday though. I know I would be anxious about getting it as well.