Waiting for the FedEx Man

  1. to deliver my Jaune Day today, making it my first BBag ever! :yahoo:

    I cannot wait! I even got dressed in an outfit that I thought would match the Jaune because once it's here, I'm taking that baby out!

    Andddd, I'm already planning on my next BBag purchase!--It's gotta be bad when I'm addicted when I haven't even received my first one!
  2. YAY...I'm so excited for you. And we'll help you wait this out ;).
  3. "......It's gotta be bad when I'm addicted when I haven't even received my first one!"

    Nah...that's par for the course! ;) Make sure you post modelling pics as soon as you can!!! Congrats!!
  4. cOngrats on your 1st bBag... can't wait to see piCs!
  5. Still waiting! I don't even want to leave my room in case he comes by and has to leave that 'sorry we missed you' (or whatever it's called) sign on my door :yucky:
  6. We all know how you feel..any lil' sound and you run to check if he's there..can't wait to see pics!
  7. is it here yet is it here yet?
    so excited!
  8. He's taking his time! So exited for you, post pics!
  9. Has he shown up yet? It's getting later out by you -- if he's not there yet, he will be soon! Are you out showing off the new bag? It's so cute that you already dressed to match it!
  10. IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! :yahoo:

    pics coming soon!
  11. Tell me what you think!

    1. Bag w/o flash 2. Bag w/ flash 3. Closeup w/ flash
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I suppose my outfit doesn't "match" match, but i looooveee blue & yellow combos!

    Also, since this is my first experience with Balenciaga leather, how does mine look? It feels kinda thin, but not too dry-- ahhh, i can't tell!
  12. congratulations! :heart: your choice of first b bag! enjoy her!
  13. Ahhh Gorgeous this is the bag I want!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hey Dukechickie...congratulation on your 1st purchase. I love Day style & Jaune is one of my fav Fall color too. Can't wait for your next move huh? Join us with this bbag addiction.
  15. Dukechickie -- the bag looks gorgeous to me! I hope you're out showing off your bag to the entire campus!