Waiting for second job interview... how long should i wait?

  1. Last week, i had first interview with the manager of the store.
    it went pretty well IMO, but was surprised to hear that there is another step
    towards the job application ( which is weird cause its phone interview from HR , and usually you do phone interview first then u arrange face to face interview).
    So my question is.. how long should i wait for them to call me back? cause they said if u are successful, you will get a phone interview...
    Ive been starring at the phone the entire week....wishing them to call me LOL:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
    Did anyone have similar experience? Im thinking about calling them nicely to ask about my application. Any advice? Wish me luck, thanks:yes:
  2. i would think no longer than a week. that's the longest i've ever waited for a call back. you could always give them a call and see what's up. then you'll know for sure.
  3. I was going to say 2 weeks? Maybe they are still interviewing.