Waiting for payment..... how long?

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  1. it's been years and years since i've sold something on ebay. I recently just listed a cell phone. the auction ended last saturday (feb 6). I still have not gotten payment. On monday I sent the buyer an invoice as a reminder and still nothing. Today I sent them a personal note (from ebay) saying "this is just a friendly reminder that you have not paid.....etc etc." and then asked that they let me know if they plan to pay soon so that i could get everything prepared to ship.

    how long should i wait for them to pay before i give them a non-payment strike? they only have a feed back of +5 and most of those comments says "FAST PAYMENT!" and i really don't want to lose a chance for someone to take a second chance offer if that's the route i have to go.
  2. I'd open up a NPB dispute now if i were you, this will give them another 4 days to pay i believe , then they'll get a strike if they still don't pay up, just don't relist until the dispute is closed or you may end up with 2 buyers wanting to pay !
  3. I would have opened it up 4 or 5 days after non payment. Esp with no response.

  4. I also put my payments requirements in my listing. If they don't pay by then I send them a reminder. After that it is NPB.

    I would also do a second chance offer to someone else or relsit it.
  5. I have had this happen once...I waited 4 days, sent an email via ebay that if I had not been contacted within 24 hours I would open a NPB dispute.

    I ended up never hearing from the person, opened the case, closed it a week later and got my fees back, relisted it...and it sold for more then it did the first time!
  6. I only wait the 4 days that ebay allows for the buyer to pay...unless the buyer contacts me but if I do not hear from them then I file on the 5th day.
  7. thanks everyone! if i don't hear by them tomorrow then I will file a NPB tomorrow night. the next lowest bid was only a couple dollars less so i would be happy if i did a second chance offer with that bidder and they accepted it.