waiting for package from italy...

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  1. Hi everyone, I purchased a tod's bracelet on June 2 and after it left the central international shipping spot, the tracking has stopped. I'm in Canada and check Canada post everyday and nothing. What are the chances my item is lost? I have relatives in Italy and I know theft was high in the postal system. The seller messaged me today asking if I received it yet. I have to wait until July 2 to claim an item not received but I really wanted the bracelet. If anyone has encouraging words, please tell me your experience, TIA
  2. If it wasn't sent signed-for and/or insured I think there is a fairly high chance it could have been stolen, sadly.
    We have (or have had) a similar situation in the UK - anything that goes through London (as most things do, where I live) has a good chance of going missing, if not signed-for.
    Seems to have got slightly better, lately, not sure why?
    But, still wouldn't risk it with anything expensive.
    Not only that, but if people are aware that things can quite often go missing, some unscrupulous sellers might try to pretend that they sent something and that it must have been stolen (when they didn't actually send it, at all), in the hope that buyers don't know their legal rights.
    Hopefully, your parcel is just delayed for some reason - the fact that the seller seems concerned is a good sign.
    But, if not (and if the seller hasn't already refunded of their own free will, obviously), make sure to put in your claim in plenty of time and PP should find in your favour.
  3. I'd give it another week or so.. There are delays with packages as well as packages that do indeed go missing.

    You can file an INR with PP but understand that you indeed want the item that's why I would wait another week or so as it may indeed turn up at your doorstep
  4. I've had packages delayed a couple of weeks in customs coming from Italy (with no tracking updates in the interim) so I think there's still hope. It's also possible that customs is trying to reach you if you need to pay a duty to accept the package. If your info isn't on the customs forms they may be trying to contact the shipper. I'd reach out to the shipper and explain the situation before doing anything else.
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