waiting for my spiaggia mm to come in!

  1. anyone else very impatiently waiting for a bag you ordered to come in? i'm hoping i get the print placement i want or close to it
  2. Congrats on your new purchase!

    I am waiting for my AS Ciao Ciao and Campeggio. I can't wait to see the print placement since AS is all about hit or miss. I hope I lucked out on the bags.
  3. thanks pinkpeony! i ordered it from the lesportsac site so it's pretty much hit or miss also. good luck on your print placement.
  4. i got a citta rosa BV and im waiting for it to come! i love the anticipation of waiting for a bag though, i cant wait for it to come in!
  5. I just paid for my Pirata BV to come in. I can't wait to see it and carry it! I got it from the Seattle store. It doesn't have any chopped off heads thank goodness. I hope It comes in by my birthday so I can wear it out to dinner.
  6. i'm really hoping mine doesn't have any chopped off heads but i guess oh well if it does
  7. I just bought a Paradiso Zucca on Saturday but I'm so excited to get it I was dreaming that it miraculously made it here today :p
  8. ahah that's so funny you mention that because i just woke up from a nap and i definitely had the same dream. it had amazing print placement :yahoo:
  9. i should be getting my citta rosa BV by wedsnesday or thursday! im just so anxious!!! i've been wanting this particular bag for like 2 months! oy!
  10. I'm always stalking the mailman/ups guy for something I ordered. It's super exciting when it's a toki bag and I can never wait. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: Seeing your print placement is exciting, kinda like Christmas morning!! :graucho: I hope everyone gets their bags soon.
  11. i ordered my bag on saturday from the lesportsac site but i think they only process orders mon-fri so who knows it might not have even been shipped yet. but i hope i don't have to wait more than two weeks
  12. we should make a new thread after we get our bags with pics of us wearing them! hahahaha
  13. i have a picture of me wearing my inferno bv because i got really bored one day. there should be a thread like that though i love seeing everyone's bags and they are even better in action!
  14. I am happy to say I am not currently waiting for any toki bags to come in :tup: I am being good.
  15. i tried to be good! i just couldn't resist the mamma mia