Waiting for my Shih Tzu~ Female in heat question

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  1. I posted earlier that my brother's Shih Tzu was supposed to sire a litter from his friend's female Shih Tzu. Well it didn't quite work out this round (so to speak..) They are saying she wasn't ready & poor Mo (my brother's dog) couldn't "do the deed". My brother was going to get pick of the litter~ which he was giving to us because he doesn't want a second dog right now. I'm kind of bummed. I really had myself worked up about getting a puppy ( I don't know if it's more for me or my kids!) They are going to try again the next time she comes into heat. My question is, how often is that? I'm wondering if it's too long, if I should start looking for another puppy or if I should wait it out. THX!
  2. most dogs come into heat twice a year if i'm not mistaken so i'm afraid you might be looking at another 5 or 6 months :sad:

    someone correct me if i'm mistaken though
  3. Shoot, I was hoping it would be sooner than that. Thanks though! I think I might look into some local breeders..
  4. You are right. It comes twice a year and dont forget the 3 month justation period and then another 8 weeks or so until the puppies are weaned. So if the female gets pregnent to the time you get your pup it would be close to a year from now.
  5. Hi there, while the ***** is in heat, she is in 'standing heat' for a couple of days and this is usually when the conception occurs.
    However: not every ***** accepts every stud, even though we humans may think that they make a perfect pair. So even if the 'act' is done, it may be that the ***** doesn't get pregnant.
    How about a pup from rescue? I am sure there are Shih-Tzus that need to have a good home such as yours!