waiting for my "new" luxe bowler bag!!

  1. thanks to the ladies in authenticate this for helping me make this decision, I have won this baby!! I am so excited! I believe I got a pretty good deal on it from eBay.. only paid $1576+shipping..



    My week has been horrible until now.. nothing mends a broken heart quite like Chanel, no? :yahoo::love::wtf::boxing:

  2. Congrats, I can't wait to see modeling pics when you get her! Hey, she's still new, new to you! She's gorgeous.
  3. Wow.....that is a real mood swinger....gorgeous!!!:heart:H
  4. wow! congrats, it's very nice
  5. Congrats! Sounds like a good deal
  6. Ohhh, you did so well!!! :nuts: I briefly owned this beauty... it was $2595 I believe, so what you paid for it is unbelievable!! :nuts: I absolutely love the shape of the luxe bowler... it's one of my favorite bags (aside from flaps of course hehe). :love: :p Aww, I know what you mean about a broken heart :cry:... I indulged in some retail therapy today too... men suck. :blah: Anyway, post modeling pics once you get her!! :tup: Congrats!! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats! Do post modeling pics once you get her!

  8. men come and go, Chanel is forever! ahah! :heart:
  9. You scored an amazing deal! I love the Luxe bowler sooo much. Congrats!!
  10. Gorgeous!! Congrats on a great bag and a great buy.......
  11. what an amazing price! congrats!
  12. I love that bag~! And such a great price too!! Congrats!!!!!
  13. Haha, that's cute. :p :heart:

  14. wow...she's pretty....congrats!
  15. Wow, such a good deal! I've been hunting for this bag but I'm afraid of eBay. Congrats on your new bag!