Waiting for my first Birkin!

  1. I just got back yesterday from my trip to Manhattan with my mom. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, she agreed to buy me my very first Birkin as a graduation gift :smartass:. So we went to the Hermes store at 62nd St and Madison Ave to look at the bags there. The store had many Kelly bags, but only one Birkin out on display. The SA there was very nice, probably because my mom walked in with her own red Birkin 30 :rolleyes: and bought two new scarves before asking about a Birkin for me :P.

    My dream Birkin is the black 35cm Togo with Palladium hardware :yes:. The SA said they didn't have any at the moment, but they get new shipments coming in every 1 to 2 weeks, so she put my name on the list for one, and when they do get the one I want, I can either go pick it up or have it shipped to me:yahoo:!

    I have to admit that I'm kind of glad we didn't my Birkin that very day in the store, because I wouldn't have known how to bring it back to Buffalo :shame:. Now I just have to be patient and wait for the SA to call me.

    Wish me luck!
  2. luckyyyyyyy.
  3. Sounds like you're going to be a very happy girl when that comes in! Can you tell us what other bags you saw??!!!
  4. Wow! That's great!! What were the Kelly bags and Birkin on the floor?
  5. Sounds too easy to be true! Keep us posted.
  6. i saw a red, brown and some exotic Kelly bags in different sizes. the Birkin i saw was a blue 35cm one
  7. What a classic bag! Hope you get it soon!
  8. What kind of blue birkin? Was it a blue jean? Or a dark blue? Gosh, they must get in shipments a lot!
  9. Good for you. I guess we're waiting for our graduation gifts together ;)
  10. it wasn't very dark, so i think it was blue jean. i don't know much about Hermes, so i don't know all the colors they have :shame:.
  11. Oh my, if it was Blue Jean, it was probably sold about 5 minutes after you left the store!
  12. Oh lucky you, its sounds like a really nice bag. Im looking forward to seeing pics!