Waiting for my denim cabas........

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  1. After thinking, searching and lusting I finally was able to get the largest size denim cabas from a friend's relative. It is in like new condition.
    She will be mailing it next week. I can't wait. I have wanted a big bag for summer and I have thought of this bag since it first came out. I have been using my LV spedy 30 and feel it is too small.

    For those who have this bag how did it hold up and how do you like it. Anything you don't like about it????
  2. I don't have the denim one, but I have the original distressed caviar cabas and LOVE it. Perfect choice for the summer, especially in the lighter denim material. It will definitely be a big step up from the speedy in terms of space. Congrats!
  3. I know chanelbaby owns the denim cabas! She has never used it though! :lol:
  4. oooh congrats!!! i don't have the denim, but i have the caviar leather one. and love it! i think the style is perfect!
  5. I have the denim cabas and used it quite a bit last year. It's VERY roomy. I did notice that the denim material started to pill a bit from where it rubbed against my shirts but overall it's held up pretty good.