Waiting for my chanel---sis has it....

  1. My sister had a major verbal abuse attack towards me the other night over the phone. She got mad because my husband wouldn't do something she thought he had to do---so she totally took it out on me and it was really bad. I was so shocked I did not reply to her rant, I mean I could have said some nasty things but just let her get it out and thought wow"this is too insanne" to deal with. Problem is she really ended the conversation with a I just can't talk to you right now and will call you some other day...............:yucky:
    I told her about the cambon sale and she ordered her bag and my bag so it would be shipped to her work.....now that she seems to be mad at me I wonder if I will ever get my bag.
    I was so excited and thought I would have my bag by now. I just don't know what to do. I feel if I call her she will go off on a major verbal abuse thing again and that is something that I just can't deal with. It upsets me so much when people treat me that way and she knows this.
    Just need to vent......
  2. Maybe you should try calling her again. She may have calmed down by now. I hope you get your bag
  3. I'm sure she will give you your bag :smile:
  4. Did you pay her for the bag yet?
  5. I went to her house today and all was well. What ever happened, I don't know because we had a nice visit.
    I got my bag and love it.:love: This is going to be the start of a Chanel addiction.
  6. Happy ending!! And what bag did you get?! We missed the best part of the story! :biggrin:
  7. I am glad you got you bag, and everything is well with your sis. Now post pics please!
  8. I got the pink cambon med. tote, I love it...... I am so happy with it. Everything is perfect, the color, the size, the shape. I am now addicted. From reading all these posts and seeing the beautiful pictures it makes you want more.............I really wished I bought another bag with the sale.:cry:
  9. Congrats! I'm sure there'll be another sale! :smile: