Waiting for my black quilted bay!!

  1. It should arrive on Monday - will post pics. Never had a Bay before, just been in Harrods stroking them!
  2. A few of us got one this week and it is a beautiful bag...
    For future reference, this week should be named "BAY WEEK"... There have been a FEW bay purchases recently!
  3. ...or in my case, 'Bay year' :s:nuts:!
  4. I'm thinking I might need one now. Do post a pic when your arrives!
  5. Criggie (is that how you spell it?) the Bay feva is spreading??
  6. Congratulations! Please post pictures when she arrives!
  7. Oh you must be so excited, its a killer when you have to wait over the weekend for a delivery. I got my Moka Quilted Bay on Thursday and she's a beaut! You'll love yours, cant wait to see pics when she arrives!
  8. Poor you to have to wait through the weekend. I almost had a heart attack when I had to wait one extra night! It will be worth your wait for sure!
  9. Delivery is guaranteed tomorrow, so it should be at work in the morning when I arrive!!
  10. Hey missbradshaw....I am watching "sex in the city" as we speak!
  11. after reading everyone's posts about the bay I too am smitten! My heart is set on a black one now :yes: too bad for me LVM only has the steam color left, but good thing for my CC! :p
  12. oh! Which episode?
  13. Are you sure about that Chiapet ? LVR still have the Black Quilted Bays listed in their sale stuff (or at least they did when I looked earlier this afternoon). Might be worth checking...

  14. I just bought this one and it isnt patent... It is gorgeous and the price is too good to be missed...:heart:
    It would probably fit a small laptop, mine is larger...
    Good luck!:tup: