Waiting for my 1st birkin to arrive....

Feb 19, 2008
Just got back from Paris last week, after much thoughts I've decided against my original choice of black croc and went for Raisin in Epsom. When we got to the store, we were told they've stopped taken order for croc and could not tell us when they'll begin to resume taking orders so I guess it was good that I've decided to go non-exotic before I left for Paris or I'd be really disappointed.

Anyway, I spent too much time at the scarf section and was really too overwhelmed by all the leather choices to make any sensible decision just as I expected. Just want to say a big thank you to all you ladies out there for putting out here such a wealth of information so I could do all the research ahead and made my decision before I left home!

I really wanted a purple birkin but violet only comes in 25 and I want a 35 so I guess Raisin was the closest, I've learnt more here of course since I got back, and some of you have said that colour comes out lighter in epsom, so I'm actually really happy, coz it might turn out more true purple?

I just can't wait to see what it'll turn out like! Thanks again for all you ladies out there who've been so kind in sharing your knowledge!:heart:
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
Wow. I love black croc, but raison epsom is a classic too. It's good that you went for a non exotic, otherwise the anticipation can be dreadful. And after all the waiting, who knows if you'll eventually get it?

This way you can enjoy the Raison epsom now. I'm sure it's a beauty, and it'll by flying in from Paris!

Feb 19, 2008
Thanks, Grande Latte! I just can't wit to see how it'll turn out, coz it's really diffucult to imagine what the bag will look like when you're just looking at a small swatch of leather!


Mar 25, 2006
Congratulations, panda princess. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your Raisin Epsom. :sweatdrop: And look forward to seeing you modelling your first birkin on tPF. :flowers:


Aug 23, 2006
This is Roxanne's lovely kelly in raisin epsom for comparison - its a nice rich purple.... Do post your raisin birkin when you receive it... we can't wait to see it



Aug 22, 2007
Thank you for sharing your story and Congratulations on your new raisin birkin. Please kindly post the pictures when you get it. :smile:


Dec 31, 2007
By the sea in SD...
Panda Princess, glad you had a good time in Paris and put in your first Birkin Order. From the picture posted above, it looks like a very deep and beautiful color. Great choice! Hope you get it soon!:tup: