Waiting for MBMJ new A line satchel! so excited!

  1. got it in stone at bloomindales on line! i hope it is as beautiful in person...this will be my 3rd mj i am crazy for them!:yahoo:
  2. Wow! Great color!! I'm looking at stone colored bags too! Let us know and post pictures!!
  3. I Love the colour! Congrats!
  4. Congrats! Can you please post modelling photos when you get it? I've been eyeing that bag for so long, but don't know how big it is!
  5. Looks like a great color for fall to wear with grays and black.
  6. The color is really pretty! Yeah for you!
  7. congrats! I have the same bag in the nice tan color and I love it! :tup:
  8. omg that's a GORGEOUS bag! cant wait till you get it
  9. Such a cute bag! I saw it at Nordies a few days ago and it is gorgeous. Congrats!
  10. FORGIVE ME....! will you??? i am back from vacation and was going to do pix of the bag it was waiting here for me...but i can't help it what's wrong with me I JUST WANT TO STARE AT IT in the lovely dust bag around it for awhile i have it on the sofa with a little pillow behind ...just a few days....THEN i will take out the stuffing and actually put it on my arm etc....i have so many pretty bags but what the heck has happened to me I LOVE MARC JACOBS i need help!!! lolol

    seriously i will take more pix on weekend before my tan fades! lol

    by the way here are some pix from today and the STONE color is great it doesn't show well in the pic but looks more like the bloomies pic (which is NOT on sale anymore at bloomies)
  11. sorry i posted pix sideways! can't undo it...it's this marc mania
  12. Lovely! I adore the colr..for some reason I have recently been oogling the darker colors! Love it and congrats!:yahoo:
  13. Beautiful congrats!
  14. thank you so much! don't laugh at me but i STILL have not worn it ...waiting to wear it first time for xmas! am i crazy....i have others to wear now but saving the best for 'visiting' the relatives i see once a year!
    HOWEVER...i just saw the mixed quilted chic and it is amazing i might have to splurge on it and that will be for xmas so then i can wear my a bag NOW!
  15. Its a beauty. Congratulations - enjoy.